Know about the one of the strongest contenders in this world cup, The Sri Lankan Cricket team. A picture post on Delhi Fort and more on Indiaopines Community

Several posts were submitted on our community yesterday – From stories to photo posts! Here are the some of the posts which trended well on the community.

The Other Man

An interesting story that highlights the complicated society we live in. The famous saying ‘you sow what you reap’ has been introspected in the story. How karma works when a poor has been used and abused? Read this interesting story with a social message.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Team Review – Sri Lanka

The Cricket World Cup 2015 will be starting in a few days. So know about the one of the strongest contenders in this world cup, Sri Lankan Cricket team. The tea that has reached the finals in the two past world cups will be trying hard to win the most coveted prize in the cricketing world.

Red Fort, Delhi

A beautiful photo post on the iconic Red fort of Delhi, this post will interest anyone who is interested in the Massive imperial red sandstone structure.

So these were the top trending post on our community. Don’t forget to read them and post your own article or opinions on our community in Indiaopines.

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