A Billion Idea is an initiative by Indian National Congress to provoke bloggers along with other writers and young minds to share ideas with Congress. Here’s my experience of attending the talk session in Mumbai…

A country that isn’t democratic faces the foundational challenge of inculcating the democratic government in their country. However, that doesn’t mean a country which already has an established democracy is barred from challenges, because a democratic nation faces challenges too. The two major challenges then are – Challenge of Expansion and Deepening of Democracy.

While challenges of Democracy means India still has to thrive hard in applying the basics of democracy to empower people across different region and section of societies, deepening of democracy only means strengthening democracy by revolutionizing things. The recent passed Right to Information Act (RTI) is the perfect example for it. Deepening of democracy will always be a challenge because as time passes, people will have different expectations from democracy. However, this doesn’t imply that India as a democratic nation failed earlier, but proves how with each passing year, it empowers people to expect more from the existing democratic India.

Indian National Congress A Billion Ideas: An Initiative by Indian National Congress

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has been taking this initiative by trying to intensify democracy. How? Well by interacting and reaching out to various sections of people in different parts of India, he is actually following the path of expansion. What is worth noticing is that, he is not just including the biggies of his party but each and every person of this nation. From women (by seeking their advice in an all Mahila meeting in Bhopal), to people working in unorganized sectors such as laborers, street vendors to young entrepreneurs (Rahul Gandhi in Bangalore invited all the young entrepreneurs to share their ideas), Rahul Gandhi as a soldier of INC and India is trying to involve people at very stage.

In addition, Rahul Gandhi and Indian National Congress has now started an initiative – A Billion Ideas where they urge people especially writers and bloggers, yes you heard it right – BLOGGERS to come and share their idea for a bigger, better and brighter India.

A Billion ideas – An Initiative by Indian National Congress is set to reach all the major towns and cities where bloggers will come and share their ideas on different topics which is a common concern for India. Starting from Mumbai, this event is set to role in every city where bloggers of different age group will assemble, discuss and share their ideas on topics which are a common concern or let’s say hurdle in India’s path towards progress.

Now that I attended this meet yesterday in Mumbai and was a part of this initiative, I thought of sharing my experience here on IndiaOpines so that majority of my readers and fellow bloggers know what this initiative is all about. I along with 29 other fellow bloggers in and around Mumbai were given an opportunity to speak our ideas on topics that somewhere down is very close to our heart. There were 4 topics which the bloggers mainly shared their ideas on –

  • Women Empowerment at domestic as well as other level
  • Retaining secular fabric of our nation
  • Harnessing potential of youth for innovation and
  • Bringing transparency at every level of government

Bloggers A Billion Ideas: An Initiative by Indian National Congress

Attended by Congress Spokesperson Rahul Pandey and Priyanka Chaturvedi who coincidently also happens to be a blogger appeared more as a fellow blogger than a Congress spokesperson. She and Rahul were not seen promoting their party unlike other political leaders, instead, where more inclined towards our ideas. For a change, I could feel I am the speaker and not the political party leaders.

This initiative by Indian National Congress shows that they believe in mass movements wherein they are ready to listen, hear and seek advice and ideas of aam junta unlike others who believe more on imposing than hearing. While, some of you might think this was a Political gimmick, I would say the least the Congress is asking ideas and not donations unlike others. Besides, how about giving ideas to a party that wants you to be a part of a progressive nation rather than sitting and cribbing of change. Isn’t this initiative significant even if comes a bit late (as many of my fellow bloggers mentioned it)?

All I would say, it is a right step at right time to empower the aam aadmi so that even he/she has a say in tomorrow’s manifesto for the country. By involving the people and empowering them, the age old party proves in a way that no matter whoever comes and claims big they are here to bond and unite different fragments of people intensely and move ahead in their endeavor to see a bigger, brighter and better India!

By: Deepti Verma

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