Marketing gurus and their handy book of gimmicks sell beauty products as the solution to all our life’s problems; we can be prettier, fairer, happier and more confident just by using their magical product. Are we really that gullible to fall for all this? Read for rinse with harsh reality.

It is like believing that drinking Coke or Pepsi will make you cool or that drinking Mountain Dew will make you suddenly and stupidly fearless. Believing anything that the slick advertisers and the savvy marketers tell us about various ‘beauty products’ out there, is about the same!

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar business – their very job is to make the gullible public part with their money and buy into the dreams they peddle. There is a plethora of products out there – soaps, lotions, creams, shampoos, serums, ‘miracle’ products and the marketing machinery is at pains to convince us that  our lives will swiftly change for the better by using those products. Sure some of these products may be useful; most of them smell very nice, but to think that any of them will make the slightest difference to the way we look is not only naive; it is positively foolish.

Here are some ‘beauty’ products, which in my humble opinion tell the worst lies:

Beauty Soap & Body Wash

Lux has been trying to sell us this myth for decades: use their soap and you will be  transformed into whichever film actress is the flavor of the month/year.  Watch any soap commercial – a beautiful woman with hair artfully piled on the head while languidly lathering herself in a marvelously opulent bathtub; and seemingly having all the time in the world to do so (apparently there’s no meal to be cooked, or kids banging on the door or  50 other things demanding her attention).

Lux Body Wash ad Beware of the Marketing gurus of the Beauty Industry

An advertisement for the popular soap and body wash brand ‘Lux’, asking you to ‘declare your beauty’ by using their product

Supposedly that can be you! And when you do finally emerge from that languid, luxurious bath you will be miraculously possessed of the ability to turn heads, cause accidents and will be rendered generally irresistible to all and sundry. All this time, the marketing gurus have cleverly been telling us that the soap is not about hygiene but about beauty.  Please people, it is not!

Women’s and Men’s Fairness creams

Fair& Lovely happens to be one of the best selling ‘beauty’ products in the world! It is a telling indictment of our deep seated obsession for fair skinIt wasn’t enough that women were constantly being bombarded with the insidious advertising message that they need to be fairer if they had any hope of being happy and successful in live and love, men are now being sent a similar message: (a) good male grooming includes trying to become fairer and (b) you should be ashamed of using ‘women’s’ products.

Understand this: all fairness lotions are simply sun blocks. You use them for some four weeks – in this duration your skin is supposedly protected from the sun’s rays and you will have some chance of restoring the natural color of your skin – the skin color determined by your genes. To believe that any cream or lotion will alter skin color in accordance with some rubbish ‘shade card’; or that it will make you fairer than nature intended for you to be, is just sad.

Anti-aging creams

Alas! the most expensive of these creams, whether plugged by Kajol, Madhuri Dixit or any other actress considered ‘mature’ (read: who have now given birth), will not erase those telltale signs of age. Perhaps they will make the skin feel and smell nice – but to imagine that they will take years off and suddenly restore spousal interest; well sad again. Eating whole produce, fresh fruit, veggies and quality protein and drinking plenty of water will do much more for the skin than any anti aging cream.

Madhuri at Olay press meet Beware of the Marketing gurus of the Beauty Industry

Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit Nene at press meet for the new Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex at Hotel JW Marriott in Juhu, Mumbai. (Photo: IANS)

Body Sculpting/ Anti Cellulite Products

This is probably the most laughable of all ‘beauty products’- they tell you that using this lotion or serum (‘serum’ is a term often used to make a product sound more scientific, effective or high end) will make you lose weight, or ‘melt’ fat or help you shed cellulite. The promise of somehow getting rid of body fat without any effort, and tag lines such as ‘body sculpting’ ‘smoothing’, ‘reinvent’ and so on, make these very enticing.

Resist their lure! They are essentially a way to make you part with your money which would be better used to buy a pair of comfortable, sturdy walking shoes. Those shoes and regular walks will do far more for cellulite and skin-tone than any serum or lotion.

Harbingers of Evil: The Celebrities & Models

Asin at 10th anniversary of Fair and Lovely Beware of the Marketing gurus of the Beauty Industry

Bollywood actress Asin Thottumkal during the 10th year anniversary celebration of Fair and Lovely foundation in Mumbai on March 21, 2013. (Photo: IANS)

The irresistible lure of ‘beauty’ products has a lot to do with the celebrities and the flawless models used to plug the product. Let’s face it: these are genetically gifted individuals (always slim, always with beautiful skin and masses of carefully casual hair) and it is their job to look that good. Not only do they work hard at looking good, they have plenty of help from their trainers, dietitians, stylists, makeup artists and some cunningly clever airbrushing.

Why waste money on ‘beauty products’? Concentrate instead, on being as healthy as possible. I firmly believe that good health is possibly the best beauty aid.

 By Reena Daruwalla

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