What’s your call on bikinis outside the beach?

Goa brims with foreign tourists around the year and none other spot except Goa deals with such astronomical tourist-influx. Goa is indeed in oddity with all other tourist zones of India. And what that fixates one’s eyeballs upon and also heats up a debate among ministers of Goa is ‘bikini’.

goa beach To Impose Ban On Bikinis Beyond The Goa Beach Yes Or No?

Why is it that biknis still continue to be a matter of squeamishness among the ministries of Goa? Very recently, Goa PWD minister Sudin Dhavalikar said that he would complain to Chief MinisterLaxmikant Parsekar about the carte blanche issued by his cabinet colleague Tourism MinisterDilip Parulekar over the issue of wearing bikinis.

“If they (foreign tourists) come out of the beaches wearing bikinis, then I am against it. I will take it up with the chief minister,” Dhavalikar told IANS, late Thursday. He added that his “culture” was against wearing of the two-piece bathing garment.

Parulekar had earlier said: “I want to tell the House, that as a tourism minister, I have never said no to bikinis.”

The tourism minister, however, added that bikinis could be worn on beaches as well as swimming pools but not in supermarkets or temples.

goa swimming To Impose Ban On Bikinis Beyond The Goa Beach Yes Or No?

“My stance in favour of bikinis beyond the beach”

With no intention of inflicting my views on any body who is reading, I put forward my stand on the ‘bikini-issue’. Well, in my eyes, I don’t see any requisiteness of ban on bikinis outside the beach, that is, in swimming pools, markets, kiosks or any open-to-public section. Just because the bikinis do not fall under the umbrella of Indian culture, we can’t revoke ‘them’ for them, who finds no discontent in such attire.

Tours are taken up by people to take a halt from their stereotyped life and delight themselves. What if butts in such irrational and illogical ban? Tourism might get dampened, for dictating Indian culture on others is not a sound judgement but injustice.

Donning bikini is one’s self choice and no minister should take their on call on it on the basis of culture and traditions.

By Prerna Daga

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