Is Imran Khan the Arvind Kejriwal of Pakistan? The political careers of the India and Pakistan’s respective Dharna Kings have some startling parallels.

Is Imran Khan The Arvind Kejriwal of Pakistan?arving kejriwal imran khan IMRAN KHAN

  1. Imran Khan has always fascinated us Indians – during his time as a cricketer, his posters graced the walls of crazy teenage girls and their fantasies, then his marriage with and divorce from Jemima Goldsmith fascinated us and now his entry into politics and the uncanny resemblance he has with our very own Arvind Kejriwal rivets us!
  2. The parallels between Imran Khan of Pakistan and Arvind Kejriwal of India and their respective political journeys are several in number and not a little startling!
  3. imran khan fb dp IMRAN KHAN If Kejriwal is India’s ‘Dharna King’ Imran Khan would appear to fulfill that description for Pakistan. Imran Khan’s official Facebook page currently bears this display picture bearing the legend “AZADI DHARNA”. So not only does Khan favour protests of the sort that AK likes, he also seems to like using the same nomenclature.
  4. azadi square IMRAN KHAN Earlier called the “Tsunami March”, the Azadi March movement was started to coincide with Pakistan’s Independence day (14th August 2014) and is still ongoing. This is a peaceful sit-in protest, just like Kejriwal’s. Khan’s speeches question the wealth of the country’s politicians, also like our Kejriwal.
  5. Both apparently have had greatness trust upon them. If Kejriwal experienced an unprecedented groundswell of support that propelled him into the position of Delhi’s Chief Minister, Khan supposedly was Musharraf’s Prime Ministerial candidate in 2002, a position that he turned down.
  6. imran khan IMRAN KHAN If Kejriwal initiated the Aam Aadmi Party, the Khan initiated the Tehreek-e-Insaf both outfits geared towards the rooting out of corruption, advocating egalitarian principles and social justice.
  7. As the AAP found unprecedented support in India because of its idealism and the fact that it offered a realistic alternative to traditional political parties, it is the same with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The only non-family party of mainstream Pakistani politics, it has similarly caught the fancy of the people and is supposed to have the largest membership base in the country with over 10 million members.
  8. And now Khan has announced city closures on 4th of December in Lahore, on the 8th of December in Faisalabad, on the 12th of December in Karachi, and on the 16th of December all over Pakistan. He has threatened to Shut Down Pakistan by December 16th. In this picture he is seen at Azadi Square, apparently delighted to see Pakistanis standing up for their rights at the venue in record numbers!
  9. pak students IMRAN KHAN Clearly the Khan, like the Kejriwal, has no trouble mobilising people and appears to have as much popular support on social media and elsewhere!

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