The American CIA uses Enhanced Interrogation Techniques which amount to torture. What are these techniques, what do they entail and should India use them?

Should India Adopt Enhanced Interrogation Techniques the CIA Uses?enhanced interrogation techniques Should India Adopt Enhanced Interrogation Techniques the CIA Uses?

  1. We know little about the interrogation techniques used by our law enforcement agencies. There is what we see in Bollywood movies – the cop beating up the prisoner to within an inch of his life. Then on occasion we hear about some human rights activist protesting against treatment meted out by law enforcement authorities to prisoners, suspects and under-trials.
  2. But what do we really know about the interrogation techniques used in India? What are the guidelines? Now strictly are they followed? Do they get the required results or do changes need to be made?
  3. A much awaited report on Enhanced Interrogation Techniques used by the CIA (American intelligence agency) is to be published. Many call these techniques torture; many of them used on terror suspects from the Al Qaeda and others in the years after the 9/11 attacks. It is expected that these methods of interrogation will be shown in poor light; as failing to glean life saving information. (Source – BBC)
  4. There has been a sweeping indictment of the CIA’s interrogation tactics which have been both brutal and ineffective it is alleged. There was subterfuge involved, there were secret prisons (such as Bagram, Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Ghraib)or black sites established around the world. The White House and Congress were not informed about many of these activities of the CIA.
  5. These Enhanced Interrogation Techniques of the CIA include sleep deprivation for up to a week, death threats, “rectal feeding” or “rectal hydration” (meant to achieve total control over the prisoner). Another technique used is that of “waterboarding” – as in the case of Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, (the chief planner of the 9/11 attacks), who, among others was subjected to a “series of near drownings. (Source – NY Times)
  6. Apart from sleep deprivation and water boarding, these interrogation techniques include “isolation, exposure to extreme temperatures, enclosure in tiny spaces, bombardment with agonizing sounds at extremely damaging decibel levels, and religious and sexual humiliation” and more. (Source )
  7. Other techiques included wall standing, walling (where the detainee is slammed against a wall), water dousing, stress positions (that cause cramping or discomfort), the facial or insult slap, nudity, the facial hold, dietary manipulation, attention grasp and the abdominal slap. (Source – Fox News)
  8. The idea of being subject to torture when in confinement (particularly incommunicado confinement as the CIA is seen to practice) is not only repugnant, it is also seen to be counterproductive. The fact is that a detainee will say anything that the interrogator wants them to say when they are under such extreme duress. So the question about India using these techniques seems to answer itself.
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