Keep going India! You have a long way ahead.

Knocking down a disease that used to be the root cause of country 15% of deaths is a laudable milestone and India has attained it. Yes, India did it at last, kicking out the death-causing-monsters from India.

Modi was commemorating the Call to Action Summit 2015 – an initiative to reduce child and maternal deaths across the world – and said the event will help the developing countries to tackle health challenges related to women and child.

modi pride tetanus free india Modi’s Pride  India Beats Maternal And Neonatal Tetanus

Boasting India’s polio-free status, Modi said: “Indian was declared polio free because of the collective efforts of several stakeholders. I am happy to inform you that today the WHO has declared India maternal and neonatal tetanus free.”

Tetanus is usually fostered in unhygienic conditions. Tetanus attack was prominent in Indian infants because of the infection in umbilical cord. Umbilical cord develops infection when the cord is chopped with non-sterile instrument.

What uprooted Tetanus from India are cash incentives were given out to promote deliveries in hospital; delivery kits usage became a stern policy ensuring the safety of umbilical cord and increase in maternal tetanus immunisation.

India’s IMR stands at 40 while the MMR stands at 167. In comparison, in 1990, the IMR was 380, and the MMR was 540.

Keep going India! You have a long way ahead.

By Prerna Daga

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