Why Pakistan Can Never Be India – Some Reasons

The Brash And Arrogant (Pakistani)Punjabi

Most of the problems in Pakistan are caused by the brash nature and the bombastic arrogance of the Punjabi’s there (especially the upper-class). If one remembers, Pakistan was a peace loving nation under Zulfikar Bhutto (a Sindhi) – unfortunately for India and the world that did not continue for long – he was sent to the gallows by Zia Ul Haq (a Punjabi himself) . Pakistan continues to be ruled in letter and spirit by these Punjabis whether it be in the military or in Politics. Patriarchal and conservative norms are not only a social norm in Pakistan, but also implemented by the State and the media, unlike in India, where the process of social liberalization is a top-down process.

All policies in Pakistan are pro-(Pakistan)Punjab – whether it be making dams for irrigation to infrastructure to education and anything for that matter. Other parts especially Sindh has been completely ignored – Karachi has been reduced to “Taliban town”

Presidents Can Be Killed

Pakistan has a semi-presidential system. Research in comparative politics shows that Presidential and semi-presidential systems are more likely to fall due to coup d’etats, as opposed to Parliamentary systems, such as in India. In turn, Pakistan is an anocracy. Regardless of the outcome of elections, the military has a very strong say in all political matters. Pakistan has never effectively had a complete democratic government, political transparency, or independent media.

Funeral prayer for Bhutto Why Pakistan Can Never Be India

An unceremonious funeral prayer for Bhutto

Social Factors

The emergence of the militant Islamic identity is one crucial factor taking Pakistan from a secular nation under Jinnah to one following Wahabi islam. Traditionally, Islamic culture in the subcontinent was influenced by the liberal Persian culture. Upon the independence of Pakistan, a process of Arabisation (Wahabism) began to take root, with its main protagonist  Zia-ul-Haq who made Pakistan an Islamic state, and implemented partial sharia law.

Pak Taliban says no less than sharia law Why Pakistan Can Never Be India

Taliban Demanding Complete Sharia Law In Pakistan

Economic Factors

Though Pakistan has had a free market economy since independence, free trade has been actively discouraged due to Pakistani fears of Indian business magnets dominating Pakistan’s industrial needs. However, Musharaff’s move to open trade with India increased Pakistani development for the first time into double digits (it has slumped down again after his fall).

In fact , some would say that the economy of Pakistan is terrorism !

Violence in Karachi

Karachi is Pakistan’s financial hub, but is deeply divided ethnically. The suburb of Lyari, for example, is a place where dozens of dead bodies turn up weekly. While there are 18,000 police officers in Karachi, there are twice as many militants, disguised as ‘paramilitaries’, including the Taliban. Instability in Karachi (which is in Sindh) has led to rapid development in the Punjab region, where Nawaz Sharif’s brother, Shahbaz Sharif, has consolidated power. In turn, the rest of the country has been neglected to a large degree.

Lahore Attack On Christian Homes Why Pakistan Can Never Be India

Attack On Christian Homes


The federally administered tribal areas, which are not really administered by the Pakistani govt but rather by autonomous Pashtun tribals has been the main stronghold for the Taliban. Literacy rates are astonishingly low, and the standard of living is comparable to least developed countries, such as the democratic republic of the Congo. Ethnic divides, particularly in Balochistan, where the Pakistani identity has failed to take root. Instead it has bred an uprising by the locals and against the atrocities committed by Pakistan.

Pakistani Soldiers Forcing Their Dictat on Balochis Why Pakistan Can Never Be India

Balochistan Bleeding Why Pakistan Can Never Be India




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Taliban Demanding Sharia, Pakistani Forces Forcing Themselves on Balochi Freedom Fighters, Lahore Attack On Christian Homes

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