From Jinping’s India tour in 2014 to Modi’s China tour in 2015, trust seems to be developing between the two nations

When a hand from India and a hand from China clasp into each other, we call it as an out-of-the-ordinary hand shake. This swell swing to India-China bilateral relationship is the result of the efforts put up by the duo, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping.

The ‘How’ behind that ‘what’s happening’

It all kicked off when September 2014 saw Jiping’s will to make his majestic visit In India and meet the noble Modi. It was this grateful September which triggered off Modi to make his presence too felt in China. Trust, which has been a constant stumbling-block between the two nations is now on its way to being mend and is better for both us and them.

modi xi jinping china visit pti The Melting Gap Between Us And Them

 From the eyes of Nehru

“It is a little naïve to think that the trouble with China was essentially due to a dispute over some territories. It has deeper reasons. Two of the largest countries in Asia confronted each other over a vast border. They differed in many ways. And the test was whether any one of them would have a more dominating position than the other on border and in Asia itself,” observed Nehru in 1962. The idea to not compare the differences of two nations is what that leads to healthy relationship.

So-far betterments

A policy where two countries disregard the in-between controversies and unitedly work for mutual benefits was advocated by Xi Jinping. Today, a bulk of things, which earlier weren’t are in place. Trade and commerce seem to have promoted in leaps. Bilateral trade has crossed $ 70 Billion. The friendliness between the nations has opened up several Chinese investments in railways, industrial parks and so on. ‘Make in India campaign’ initiated by China has elicited China’s will too.

india china future friends The Melting Gap Between Us And Them

Words from Kequiang and Modi

In a recent interview, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said: “China is ready to work with India to align our development strategies, reinforce political trust, expand mutually beneficial cooperation and progress together through mutual learning and assistance.” Modi, too, exulted similar emotions during Xi’s visit to India last September, saying: “This is a historic opportunity for the relationship between India and China, filled with vast possibilities. We can start a new era in our relations. If we are sensitive to our opportunities and challenges then I am confident that we will fulfil our responsibility to make it a great success.”

Issues that lie ahead

Peace along LAC has been and still is a constant worry for us. River water data still is deprived of adequate transparency. Not allowing visa regimes is the need of hour in order to abide by each other’s sovereignty. And most important on the list are the counter-terrorism and joint discovery of energy resources.

india china flags afp The Melting Gap Between Us And Them

Is Modi’s visit to China potent?

As Deng stated once, “there is enough space for both the countries to prosper”. Modi’s visit would indeed revolutionize India China relation, feeding satisfaction to the truth interspersed with the words of Deng.

modi visits terracotta warriors museum in china The Melting Gap Between Us And Them

What’s in store is galore, for both India and China !

By Lakshmisha K.S

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