It cannot be denied that India is a de-facto Hindu nation ,practising Hinduism at all levels of Govt functions ,in all possible ways.

The Constitution of India declares India as secular with the 42nd Amendment of the Constitution of India enacted in 1976. The Preamble to the Constitution asserted that India is a secular nation. However, neither India’s constitution nor its laws define the relationship between religion and state.

india is asecular country Is India a De facto Hindu Nation?

Well,Is India ‘secular’ nation or a Hindu nation de facto?

The word ‘secular’ played into the hands of our legal experts. Oxford English Dictionary authoritatively defines’ Secular ‘as ‘ Not connected with religious or spiritual matters:

‘secular buildings secular attitudes to death Contrasted with sacred .’

But our Authorities over- ruled the Oxford and defined’ Secular’  as ‘relating to all religions’.Its like interpreting ‘colourless’ as ‘full of colours!’.Does it not sound ridiculous?Yes. Its like interpreting a clear’ No’ as clear ‘ Yes’!After all words have specified meanings and one cannot stretch it to mean the opposite.

Interpretations apart,let us scrutinise the Govt activities to find whether it is secular or not.Lets take what Honb’le PM does as a test for secular credentials of the nation.The PM Modi travels all the way down to Coimbatore to inaugurate Siva’s statue, using… Army flights! A secular nation cannot do that !Telengana CM donates 5 Crore out of Govt funds to fulfil his personal religious vow to Tirupati temple!Puja performed by PM at launching of ‘Clean Ganges Project’Are these all secular?

Suppose,the American President launches a national Government program.He does not call the Pope for blessing it.He does not light a ‘Kuthu vilaku’ lamp to mark it.True to its secular credentials,the launch by US President is secular.But this does not happen so in India.The Hon’ble Prime Minister is shown as visiting the Tirupathi temple for blessings,then lights the traditional lamp in an auspicious hour,put some garlands around people and all such things which are not secular by any definition.This is made an essential part of ‘culture’ and passed off as normal.Even foreign tourists are welcomed in ‘traditional’ manner by putting a ‘bindhi’ on the fore head etc.For every function this kind of rituals are made part of the program.The hidden agenda is ‘vigorous practice’ of Hinduism in every establishment including high-tech research stations like ISRO Space Research .Before launching rockets,Pujas are done by scientists!Superstitious number of rockets are sent into space like 124 satellite launch etc.

You might have visited so many countries and stayed in hotels there.Have you ever come across ‘a religious welcome’ there, say,a Pastor turning up and drawing a Cross on your fore-head? In India,its very common.This is termed as ‘customary welcome’ instead of identifying it as ‘Hindu welcome’ .Even a foreign President is welcomed ,garlanded and a ‘bindhi’(a red stuff) applied on the fore-head,as they enter the land.

Look what British PM is doing in India,on a State visit recently.Was Indian PM  made to visit Church of England,during his state visit to England ?

 Is India a De facto Hindu Nation?

Hindu Religion is made part of all Government functions.

Modi praying at Ganges

modi ganges puja Is India a De facto Hindu Nation?

Modi Opening Adhiyogi Statue at Coimbatore

modi adhiyogi statue Is India a De facto Hindu Nation?

So,it cannot be denied that India is a de-facto Hindu nation ,practising Hinduism at all levels of Govt functions ,in all possible ways .

By Alvaro Hans

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