Here’s a Forecast for India in 2015

A Forecast of India in 2015 – Towards A Better Tomorrow!

More and More Gaseous Fuels at the Rural Level to Decrease Air Pollution

Air pollution is mainly assumed as an issue related to urban areas, the culprits being, industries and vehicles. But, we forget the fact that about half of the population lives in rural area where burning of traditional biomass fuels like dung, crop residues and wood, for cooking is a daily activity. In fact, burning of these biomass cake, agricultural waste and fuel wood release more than 165 million tons of combustion products into the air yearly.

biogas reduce air pollution India Forecast 2015

As per studies, burning of biomass accounts for about three times as much black carbon air pollution as combined to all other sources, including pollutions from industries and vehicles. So, it is really important that we make our biomass stoves highly efficient. Perhaps by shunning  the tradition chullah and using the same dung in producing biogas, a clean and green fuel with good efficiency. Not to forget, the slurry of biogas plants can produce superior fertilizers. Needless to say, Switching to gaseous fuels would reduce air pollution, but might require great amount of investment. Hope, the Government of India initiate this cause with great pomp, starting from this year.

A good Transformation of Energy From Waste

38 billion litres of Sewage and 55 million tons of municipal solid waste are generated every year in urban India. Plus, there is a great amount of liquid and solid wastes emitted by various industries. In addition, more and more people will migrate to urban areas and increase waste generation.  So, it is very important that we transform good amount of Energy from waste. Hope the ministry encourage such projects and even provide subsidies to initiate the production at a larger scale.

waste to energy India Forecast 2015

India Winning War Against Diseases

In 2012, India became polio free for the first time. Thanks to the Pulse Polio Programme. Now, in India, diarrheal diseases are the major reasons of early mortality in children. In addition, we are the nation with high amount of HIV/AIDS infected people and various other viral diseases including Rabies. We just hope, these numbers reduce to great extent in the coming year.

india against diseases 2015 India Forecast 2015

‘S’ For Sanitation

According to the UN estimates, 626 million people defecate in open (638 in 2008) which is roughly 50% of the total population. In India, more than 100 million home have no toilets. That is why Jairam Ramesh, the Minister of Rural Development stated in 2012 that India is the world’s biggest “open air toilet”. No wonder, even nations like Bangladesh, Afghanistan Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan have much better sanitation statistics. However, we want ministers to work on this agenda instead of making fun out of it.

toilet 621x414 India Forecast 2015

And Finally….

Rich And Powerful Countries Investing their Money in India

This world wont be sustainable if we continue to have more than a trillion people living their lives in poverty in developing nations like India. So, the sooner the developed nations start investing their money in India, and other developing nations, the better it is, for the entire World.

fdi in india India Forecast 2015

So, we hope, a good amount of foreign direct investment happening in India to sizzle our growth as well as economy. India, being an entrepreneurial hotbed globally, hope 2015 creates a history in the direct investments made in our nation so far.

Clean, green, healthy, and wealthy – that’s the forecast I would like for India… 

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