What kind of a world are we bringing our kids into, with no security, no empathy, no mercy, and a perpetual lack of humanity?

Barely fifteen months into the world, this baby girl was sexually abused, by a man forty years older than her in Thane. If that doesn’t get the blood boiling then we are inhumane and deserve punishment just as much as the perpetrator does. 

To think that a baby- who cannot even talk properly, who doesn’t know what it means to be alive, who can barely crawl or eat by her own hands- has been subjected to cruelty that even the older women do not deserve to go through puts a question mark to the sanity of human beings, more so of men. How can a person even think of committing such a gruesome act? There are some things so degenerate that they can’t even be categorized as crime.

girld child abuse rape The World Does Not Deserve Girls

A few days back, a man was castrated for trying to rape a teenage girl. He deserved that. In this case, the offender deserves to be given the most painful of deaths. If possible, he should be made to feel hundred times the pain and fear of that baby who couldn’t even understand what was being done to her. Police are ‘trying’ to find the culprit. Hopefully, the mob (over hundred times angry than usual) will get to him first. He shouldn’t be allowed to be taken into custody or be given a lawyer or even food in the jail.

But does that happen? No one knows if the criminal will ever be caught. The number of these child abuse crimes keeps increasing with no report on punishment to the culprit. Does that imply that the world does not care enough for the wails of that baby? Will we keep quiet until one of our children suffers from such a fate? It is not a question but a wake-up call. We can no longer ignore that girls, even if they are babies, are unsafe. They need to be protected not made into newspaper headline.

What kind of a world are we bringing our kids into, with no security, no empathy, no mercy, and a perpetual lack of humanity? Devil does not have tail or horns. They are dressed just as we are. But behind the human face lies a mind so foul that it does not even feel clemency towards children. A world like this does not deserve a girl child.

By: Parmita Dubey

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