Crime rate in India had taken a steep slope because India had deflected way sharper, losing all its moral values and traditions.


Turn the pages of any newspaper or tune into any TV News channel. What you read now is never what you ever read earlier! Newly-wed bride hatching a plot to finish-off her life-partner with the active assistance of her paramour!  Two elderly men raping someone akin to their daughter ! Misuse and murder of children by their  own parents, guardians and teachers!Stories of perversion and cruelty never heard of earlier! Ruthless violence against helpless victims! Guardians of law clashing with each other violently! Executive does not bother about carrying out Judiciary’s directions.No other country in the world can boast of so many number of contempt of Court proceedings against Government officials .Recently there was a news of contempt proceedings against Indian Railways with the Court ordering to seize a train ,for payment of decreed dues !Burning  journalist to death in front of Police authorities !A recent study revealed that 27′ honour’ murders took place in Dist.alone within  a fort-night,on account of inter-caste marriages. That translates into almost 2 murders per day!In Delhi, a little boy was beaten to death for stealing a loaf of bread ! A ‘khap’ Panchayat orders rape of two sisters !Man murdered for possessing meat !Where is India  moving towards?      

rape news Does India Lack Moral And Ethical Foundation ?                 

Cutting across all lines!

criminal mind Does India Lack Moral And Ethical Foundation ?

            If one analyses the background of the present-day criminals, one will be surprised to know that gone are the days when you could identify a criminal based on his economic or social background.Now it cuts across all sections of the society. Secondly,  ‘ Mens rea’ ie criminal intent of the criminal seems to be born in the mind of the present day criminal more easily than in earlier times.

Relishing the repulsive!

Thirdly, crime and scenes of crime are no more disgusting, repulsive to today’s generation.  It’s routine affair to see a decapitated body or a charred baby’s body! Lastly, the kind of methods of cruelty adopted by the criminal are to describe at the least, horrendous.

Visual Prostitution!

lost morals Does India Lack Moral And Ethical Foundation ?

What are the underlying factors that contribute to this trend? Many! Today every woman is portrayed as a ‘sex toy’ in movies and media. Even Universities print their brochures with attractive girl students on the cover of their prospectus! Jesus Christ  said that if you look at a woman with lustful eyes, you have already committed adultery!  But now, this thriving visual prostitution keeps everyone irrespective of age, sexually charged 24 hours a day!Movies suggest all possible opportunities for sexual exploitation and ensure that none misses any chance!

Cruelty at it’s worst!

cid murder Does India Lack Moral And Ethical Foundation ?

Gruesome and cruel way of ‘finishing’ off adversaries is now a common and applauded scene in movies. Dialogues like’ cut, piece, chop etc’ as part of villain’s instructions to his hench men on’ finishing-off’ the hero is not uncommon in Indian movies! The inspiration and  modus- operandi for many actual murders  undoubtedly stems from the grains of the  movies.The seeds of violence and sex are sowed into the little impressionable minds of  the children by TV serials as well.  Children get addicted to certain toxic channels which drive them crazy.  Programmes and advertisements encourage children to break the rules,question Authorities and reject traditional time –tested values.

Restore the Captain !       

Reasons God Answer Your Prayers Does India Lack Moral And Ethical Foundation ?                              

Now,is there not a way out of this terrible mess we are caught in?  There definitely is.  Can you think of a captain-less ship?  Who will set the direction?  Think about it? When even a small ship cannot function without a head,can this universe with an awe-inspiring precision function without a head? The answer to this basic question needs to be right and need not be politically or scientifically correct.I do not think that there is any alternative to  accepting the need for a spiritual ‘Captain’. Having admitted to the need of a ‘Captain’,what next ? The only way  is a mass-movement aimed at restoring  the faith in the ‘captain’ whom we can conveniently call ‘The God’ without inviting  controversies over name. 

god answers Does India Lack Moral And Ethical Foundation ?

The proof of pudding is in the eating!  The legal term ‘res ipsa loquitur’ means ‘what you see proves it!’ The messy world and wailing Planet Earth proves the inefficiency of Man’s management of it all !  It is pretty clear that time to reverse has arrived. The time to restore our life according to God’s order of ‘good’ and ‘bad’is right here .

But the multi-trillion dollar question is ‘How do you do it?’  

By Alvaro Hans 

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