Reader’s Voice – The year 2014, for India, will certainly be very crucial, capable of making or breaking India’s future and reputation, both domestically and internationally

We have all been born in this country. We have all understood India closely. The coming 2014 election is going to be either a ‘make it’ election or a ‘break it’ one.
Why, exactly is it so serious for our nation ?

First and foremost, we all know the importance of savings and having some money under our pillow to meet any contingencies, etc. We sadly “let go ” of farm loans amounting to around 100,000 crores at the central level, state governments also did the same, taking the amount to around 150,000 to 300,000 crores ( unable to ascertain how much money ). The NREGA and the Food subsidy took away another 300,000 crores, so we emptied our coffers !

Secondly, we allowed imports freely. At that time, China products were at least 50% cheaper than ours. This had a trickle down impact and wiped our industry. Chinese industry is well supported by the Government of China and has very strong and competitive policies. Sometimes, these policies vary and they are able to wipe out manufacturing of a product ( eg. Lock manufacturing from Aligarh has nearly disappeared ). So, we now rely more and more on China.

Thirdly, we rely too much on Crude ( 85% of our imports ) and we do not control the usage or the wastage of it. Moreover, the country is not investing like Brazil in alternative energies.

Fourthly, the CAD has reached dangerous levels. China is flexing its muscles on all sides and can become one of our largest threats. The Rupee has been dented, and any weak government can take it to 89 -105 -125 levels ( depending on the weakness ). Our population is growing and it is the young population that is growing fast but in areas of massive unemployment. Moreover, our laws are based on 1860’s Penal Code and are very time-consuming and outdated.

There are many a points that come to my mind, but it is in our hands to use this opportunity to make or break our nation.

So, Vote Carefully.

By Max Makhija

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