Narendra Modi on one hand is striving hard to woo foreign countries, but seemingly, Nepal has been averted in his eyes.

The desire to dominate may be natural and inherent to some extent but it was not expected of a government surrounded by hostile neighburs.

The way India handled its relations with its touchy Himalayan neighbour Nepal ever since Modi took charge had been a matter of concern for experts who had been watching the scenario closely.

With China regarding the small country with avaricious eyes since long, India should have been careful in how it approached its strategic alliance with Nepal.

But the fact that China has now become the main supplier of fuel to Nepal, breaking the traditional monopoly of India proves that whatever are Modi’s achievements abroad, Nepal has not been charmed by him.

india nepal flags Domination Is Not Diplomacy

Strains in the ties between the two countries had begun during the tenure of UPA itself when a Maoist backed government had taken over the regime some years back.

But things had begun to return to normal after that because even the extremists in that country realised that economics was more important than ideology in the current global scenario. Unfortunately the men sitting in the foreign office in India somehow failed to sense the feelings of their counterparts in Nepal even when it turned away Indian help during its worst crisis during the recent earthquake that shattered its economy.

nepal new constitution violence Domination Is Not Diplomacy

When Nepal adopted a new Constitution India adopted the role of an angry school master reprimanding a naughty child instead of adjusting to the new reality.

Beginning with that it has been a downward graph as far Indo Nepal relations are concerned. Now that Nepal has also got its first woman president who also happens to be a member of a leftist organisation, one hopes that the Modi government will not stand on prestige and try to salvage the situation from going beyond repair.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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