Talks should fare along between the India-Pak NSAs without any room for Hurriyat.

The upcoming Indo-pak dialogue, appeared to be virtually  called off with the two countries locked their horns over Kashmiri separatists. Pakistan deviated from Ufa agreement reached between two national heads in last month. It was agreed between two heads that NSA level meeting will be held on Terrorists & other composite issues, as reported in media. In recent weeks several documents captured by India proves the fact of Pak’s involvement in terrorist attacks. As such it was suicidal for them to participate in NSA level talk in which Pak were bound to exposed. Secondly, Pak’s true ruler is army & ISI not political boss unlike India. In our country Political boss is all in all. Army & ISI nerve supported good relationship with India. This is not the first time that the agreement had been distorted & deviated by Pak, it is simply a part of their habits.Islamabad’s insistence on meeting Hurriyat leaders as a pre condition was a complete departure from the Ufa  understanding.India on several occasions made it clear that there are only two stake holders not three. India has also made it clear that J & K is the integral part of India & only unfinished task is to restore POK. Modi leadership should make it clear to Islamabad that talk would be held only on two agenda, that is terrorism & POK.

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> Seikh Ahmad Sarhindi, in fact showed the seed of terrorist/separatist during Mogul King Akbar. But Akbar was a very strong king & his thoughts remained in dormant stage during his time. Later king Jahangir & sahajahana could not stop him & Seikh Ahmad started to spread hatred against Hindu society. His thought watered enough during Aurangzeb. In fact division of Indian subcontinent laid down by him itself. His aspiration came true when India was divided by Jinnah in 1947.
> Our experience said that Pakistan never accepted peace & tranquility with India. We always extended hands of friendship & they took it as our weakness. Starting from Mahatma Gandhi to Bajaipee every person desired & made efforts to have good relationship. But Pakistan has got one point agenda to destabilize India which is beyond their strength.

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> Our citizens are continuously killed by Pak army & Pak sponsored terrorists. Army action is the last option in 21st century. We must made it clear to Islamabad that unless terrorism & violation of cease fire  were not stopped, no talk at any level. Secondly we must submit all evidences of Pak involvement in terrorism & violation of cease fire to important nations in general & China & USA in particular. Begin  & Washington are two god fathers of Islamabad. If we can convince these two nations to Pressurize Islamabad to discontinue terrorism, certainly it will have effect on it. Here our diplomacy will work.
> Last option, if diplomacy failed then selected army action to destroy terrorist camp & their god father should be explored. We cannot wait for indefinite period, & simply to stare the killing of our innocent people & loss of property.

By Dinesh Mishra

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