India vs Pakistan, Adelaide World Cup 2015 – A nation that celebrates the defeat of its rivals more than emerging victorious itself can never win.

Almost an hour before the ‘battle’ had won, it had become evident that the  sun was going to set in India‘s favour . The televisions were yet to announce the ‘Ultimate Victory’ over our arch rivals. Yet the show started, celebrations began all over the nation. From actors to netas , from autowallas to netizens all seemed to be undivided for one Indian feel “ we have won” .

india vs pakistan cricket world cup 2015 Indias Win Over Pakistan : We Won Little, Lost More!

But wait, was it just about our victory? Were we celebrating our win, or Pakistan’s defeat? Were we happy sipping in our sweet victory fruit or not letting Pakistan have it? Sadly the innumerable jokes , tweets  on social media supported the latter . It seemed as if our thumbs up was of much lesser value than their failure .

I am sorry, We Lost

A nation that celebrates the defeat of its rivals more than emerging victorious itself can never win. And we say play it like a game not a war,  we teach our children to win with humility . It was as if this Ultimate Battle had entitled us to joke on everything linking to Pakistan from their economy , leaders , players and soldiers . Sad , indeed tragic .

Winners know how to behave when they face cameras . Loser don’t , nor will they ever learn . December 13th , when we lost the Hockey Championship Match at Kalinga Stadium against Pakistan , they showed us middle fingers and many an ugly gestures . We condemned such unprofessional signs with the harshest of words and tweets . Well , today think again . Did we do it any better  ? May be a little less-worse , but we have no real reason to be cheer ourselves as winners !

We could have set the ideals , saying “See we could have teased you , yet we aren’t!”

I seriously fail to understand why is a game turned into a battle between nations ? Yes , I understand Star Sports does it for marketing , but we cannot be fools to be taken away by such irresponsible advertising . Simple jokes and taunt hurt the bilateral relationships more than bullets and ceasefire violations on LoC . Can we chose to be sensible ?

I was told , when its Pakistan on the other side , a little leg-pulling is fine . Jaws up . Seriously ? Should your neighbor determine your action ? The relations between the nations may not be all right , I understand , but shall that be enough to loose ourselves to stupidity and complete immaturity .

Offence has no definition, so doesn’t goodwill have . We are two nations . We played as teams , one had to lose. Why are we pretending to be this childish ? Bullets and Cease-fire violations will only pierce a few bodies on the LoC , you are stabbing millions of heart with hatred  on both sides of the border . We are doing more damage to ourselves than Rangers do on Border .

Zig Ziglar writes “Your aptitude may make your win , Your Attitude henceforth determines your real victory.” This dawn just one advice India & Nation – Grow up kid.

By: Akshat Tyagi

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