India needs more people like Arnab Goswami & Arvind Kejriwal – We need Good, Educated, Intelligent & Great Human Beings in the front not Goonda politicians

I am no politician / I am not a politics guy at all! I have simply loved Arnab Goswami as a journalist from the electronic media and Arvind Kejriwal – who I still believe is not a Politician. In fact, he is a simple Bharat Maa kaa Laal. If he was a politician, he wouldn’t have committed mistakes of leaving his 49 days govt. to get himself a name like BHAGODA – which is so unfortunate that he was ever called that, in the first place!!

arvind kejriwal aam aadmi party We Don’t need Dirty / Tricksterring / Scheming Goonda Politicians to Govern India

AK is a simple-hearted passionate desh bhakt – Patriot! Tired of corruption, he has devoted his energy to clean the political parties of this malaise of dirty dishonest politics. The politicians, who are in power for 5 years, yet are not answerable to the people for that period. The politicians who for the sake of votes fake their concern, and gain a term again, only to start looting the country like worst kinds of dacoits!

Kejriwal won Delhi elections despite the media not because of the Media.

During the elections, he/Ashish Khaitan and his volunteers went door to door of each and every single area, nd noted down their problems (which they are now bringing into action). They were very thorough to say the least and they got the results – in the landslide victory and yes UNLIKE some other channels, Arnab channel carried news of Great politicians like Amit Shah / Modi / Kiran Bedi / Nirmala Sitaraman and even a newbie like Nupur Sharma did not spare in abusing Arvind !! Besides, calling him names including Bhagoda / Naxal / Junglee / Bander  and Chor.

Other channels never lost an opportunity to heckle the great, brave, educated and super intelligent Man who had the balls to take on the Draconian System which was systematically destroying India. India stands completely hollow today like a piece of wood eaten away by white ants. Its hero Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose / Martyrs Bhagat Singh etc. all were snooped upon for wrong things. All these INC guys should be sued for anti-national activities to say the least. It is really a sad situation when we are reminded the fate of these leaders.

Nevertheless, they deserved what they got – Karam ki gati nyaaree santo as they say. Three deaths in the family – one killed in an air crash, the mother felled by bullets, and the other son annihilated by a Human Bomb!

Coming to Arnab Goswami –

Mr. Durgesh Nandini why should Arnab Goswami not criticize Kiran Bedi?

How awe-inspiring was she, how spontaneous was she, she looked as if she mastered the art of sycophancy – showing big fat files of Modi’s speeches (of jumlaaz after jumlaaz). Aha, what great double standards / political opportunism these politicians have – swinging left right center thus getting bonkers. And while she had to eat her humble pie, the disgruntled BJP workers in the grass root level were disgusted, and they brought in AAP!

If Kiran Bedi is foolish and can’t give a speech and is only depending on a Modi jumlay baazee then does that mean Arnab is supporting her? Well, don’t you think Arnab has a brain and 2 eyes to see a spade and speak the truth.

Arvind was ready to challenge her on the floors of the studio during the elections, a challenge not taken by a timid non-courageous Kiran Bedi.

arvind kejriwal indian politics We Don’t need Dirty / Tricksterring / Scheming Goonda Politicians to Govern India

Politicians should rather play good Politics and make a specific place in the anvils of the Political churning which the country needs. They should refrain from passing any derogatory remarks on either Arnab or Arvind. They should speak the truth even if hurts their deep motivated interests – Yes, they should show their mettle and character!!

I am completely apolitical. I am an artist with a clear conscience and have the eyes, ears and brains to see hear and understand the subtle and gross sickness of the dirty political fiber of the country. If you don’t have it , don’t be irresponsible to leave comments against my write up !

On the other note,

Yemen mission has great officials from MEA (External affairs ministry) whom I personally know like Shri Anil Wadhwa former Ambassador, a great humanist himself, and his staff who worked round the clock. Besides, V K Singh was just the icing on the cake. It is however, unfortunate that VK General used the term Presstitude for the Great Media.

GenVK Singh We Don’t need Dirty / Tricksterring / Scheming Goonda Politicians to Govern India


It is indeed time for the media to play an important role in exposing and eradicating corruption from our country. I, like many others are enjoying the fact that Arnab Goswami is doing exactly what India needs. In fact, there are other channels too who are improving slowly. In this process, while, they clean cancerous things from politics and society, we would certainly not mind their booming TRPs – LET THEM BOOST THEIR TRPs AND ALSO BOOST THE COUNTRY’S USP … No wonder, we need many more Great Arnabs and Arvinds…. JAI HIND!! (And yea, also a great Net print media like India Opines to vent our opinions!)

By: Santu Mukherjee

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