Can India Produce a Mark Zuckerberg? “Our great Indian system must have retroactively implemented a law to penalize those fundings and screwed him by now.” Read more to find out…

Mark Zuckerberg In India Can India Produce a Mark Zuckerberg?

Q: Is India capable of producing a Mark Zuckerberg? If yes do you see anyone who has the capability to be like him?


zuckerberg at wedding Can India Produce a Mark Zuckerberg?

Answer 1 ~ Straight No

No. Our political system will not allow such a demand to be created. If there is a potential Mark Zuckerberg he will rightly migrate out of India. We can at max have Murthy and Premji.

Please remember it is not only about Mark Zuckerberg but of the ecosystem.

There is a very deep connection between politics of land and entrepreneurship.

MArk Zuckerberg Buys WhatsApp Can India Produce a Mark Zuckerberg?
Without fixing Indian politics Mark Zuckerberg can never happen in India.

Answer 2 Yes, But…..

Indians can, India can’t.

Well, even if an Indian can, I am very sure that it is more likely to be someone in the States or some European place. In India, this CS genius would be solving organic chemistry so that he can pursue Computer Science in an IIT and in all probability would land up studying Civil Engineering.

The complicated system we have in India makes it ensured that except for a fraction, everybody else lands up pursuing something that they aren’t really interested in.

Answer 3 No

No never. Seeing so much funding coming in the company, Our great Indian system must have retroactively implemented a law to penalize those fundings and screwed him by now.

Answer 4 Yes

India does periodically provide great entrepreneurs to the world. So if the question is “Can India produce a world conquering entrepreneur?“, then the answer is definitely yes, and it already has produced quite a few such guys.

But the question could also be taken to mean “Will the next big internet giant be created by an Indian guy (based in India)?”. The answer to that would be a hesitant No. The reason is simple. Most tech entrepreneurs inevitably gravitate towards Silicon Valley. If an idea seems breath-taking, the founder is most definitely trying to get YC funding. So the possibility of an internet giant taking root in India itself, is very minimal. Of course, if the criteria is just that the founder should be of Indian origin, then we do stand a very good chance. There seems to be quite a heavy Indian presence in the Valley.

But these are not the questions that should bother us. The real question that we need to answer is – How do we create a culture that consistently throws up a Henry Ford or a Sam Walton or a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates every year? One big shark doesn’t make an ocean. We need the whole lot of them. That is going to be the challenge for India (and China too), if we are to justify all that hype Thomas Friedman and folks have generated about us in the west.

Sabeer Bhatia made Hotmail which he sold to Microsoft.Vinod Khosla co-founded Sun Microsystems which has given us some of the most important technologies like Java.If your question refers to an entrepreneur like Zuckerberg, don’t forget we have many of them, including the Tatas and Ambanis,It is fine to live without Facebook for a day. But if Reliance or Tata close for a day, the entire nation gets affected.

It is even easier to not have Facebook for a day than not use your hotmail id (that is if you have one), or not use some form of Java for a day.

Answer 6 ~ Zuckerberg is the hero we all deserve but not the one we need right now.I say it has, millions of them. They’re holed up in lightly illuminated rooms in the cramped spaces of our urban shanties. They have accepted this as an irrefutable truth of human existence  They’ve silenced their intellectual claustrophobia and traded it with a misguided sense of security.

They breathe in the hegemony that has driven and guided our society for so long. After they are born, they are sent to places where they are convinced that their destinies are purely a capitalistic component driven by markets, scopes and sectors. They are told to trust the market rather than their own instincts. They are told that the road less traveled is fraught with thorns and chasms.

That they’d be better off staying indoors in the sweet world of conformism. They are told that the worst mistake they can make is to lose sight of the shore. So by tenth grade they are busy analyzing job prospects, market shifts and economic opportunities while choosing their careers. Most end up locking themselves in for two years preparing for JEE. Experience, passion and intuition they are told are overrated.

Then they move to colleges. And then they are further chained by shackles of deadlines, assignments, practicals. In a world of hostel in-times and draconian disciplinary laws, they are further taught to embrace the chains. That they were gonna be a part of them. They are threatened by the prospect of a bleak future. They are told that the only thing that matters, the only thing that counts is their GPA. Integrity, honesty, love and again, passion were sins, things that could cost them that dream job. How could they not believe it? How could they not conform?

Boman Irani Three Idiots Can India Produce a Mark Zuckerberg?

The reason the system works this way is that they don’t need us to be the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Zuckerberg. The Indian economy unlike it’s American counterpart does not work on innovation, never has. The only innovation associated with Indian firms is price innovation. They don’t need (as of now) people who are extraordinarily qualified or visionaries. They just need people who can follow orders and not ask them too many questions. Zuckerberg would be a misfit here. He’d probably be one of those rebel backbenchers, whose GPA is consistently in the bottom 10%. Who can hack entire servers, scrape data of highly guarded websites and create applications that were super fun to use. But his prowess would only ever be regarded as a rebellion. As a waste. As an abomination. And as enough people told him that, he’d believe it and try to rope in a low paying job, eventually slipping into depression.

So, in conclusion after all that ranting, I’d say we have produced people of Zuckerberg’s intellectual and creative capacity. It is a mathematical certainty. But we lost them when we made conformism the sole value of our educational institutions.




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