The tag of secular to India is a misnomer. For, the gist of secularism is to promote peace in a country but effectuates, in contrast,violence in our country

In India secularism is a great drama only, it may be replaced by nationalism for the sake of country. An uniform civil code is the need of hour to the country.If we could achieve it, the danger of ISIS in my country may be minimized.The children of our nation who are fighting in Syria or have any connections with ISIS or Alkayada, their guardian’s movable and immovable properties may be seized and further their family citizenship must be dismissed.

secularism In India, Secularism Is A Great Drama

A hard law against terrorism must be passed in parliament more powerful than previous  TADA and POTA act.We should be alert from some prejudicial enemy inside  our country who are returning medals of Sahitya Academy Award blaming a false intolerance in country, it is interesting that these so called writers have not returned their cash prizes with upto date  interest in PM relief fund.

SAHITYA AKADEMI In India, Secularism Is A Great Drama

On the eve of Bihar election and motivated by political parties they did such a drama only to get benefit to Sri Lalloo Yadav and Nitish. Thus they downgraded the level of institution like Sahitya Academy.Thus I proposed to head of the Sahitya academy to take a disciplinary action against them. Sahitya Academy is not a political stage to solve the issue of nation.Next time I shall focus on false intolerance.

nitish kumar lalu yadav In India, Secularism Is A Great Drama


By Murli Dhar Dwivedi

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