A new Rape law has been constituted, however are women safer in India? Sickening cases of crimes against women has continued in the New Year. What is the need of the hour?

We are all engrossed in male chauvinism, where the weaker sex has been marginalized to the core. The mail psyche is prevalent everywhere and is casting a shadow on the feminism of a country which has  half of its population as females.“Rape’ has transformed itself into the most common word which one reads quite often in the daily newspapers, hears it on national television or gets to know about it through social media. Whether it is Telhaka supremo Tarun Tejpal’s misadventure or some self styled mystic guru’s ( read ASARAM & Narain Sai) breaking the guru-shishya Parampara and thus pounding on the hapless victim, the Indian female is always on the back foot. We are still a male protagonist nation and strongly belief in the ‘Man-isms’ in Indian Society.

To prove the above point, there is no dearth of instances, where the MAN-ly adventures of the Indian male has been showcased in the light of the day, be it the Indian judiciary, where a sitting judge of the supreme court has been indicted for sexual assault or the head of West Bengal Human Rights Commission justice A.K Ganguly, who has been accused of outraging the modesty of a woman, these instance have caused enough shame and are thus termed as a blot on our society.

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December 22, students protest the rising violence against women, Raisina Hill/ Rajpath; the morning saw as many women as men come out for this spontaneous march.

Consider the latest ’flashing news’ about a 20 year old tribal woman being repeatedly raped by a dozen men on the diktat of the panchayat, her crime being, that she thought of living her life with  a man who was unfortunately outside her community. In Haryana we have seen innumerable such kangaroo courts (called Khap Panchayat) prophesying the decree to ‘Punish’ a woman who has brought Shame to a particular community. In 21st century India, occurrences as these showcase the other side of the story, where being a girl is a crime and thus all her life she is a muse of suffering.

We have cities with name clichés as ‘Rape Capital of India’, a pseudo name for ‘Delhi’, which is ultra-modern in outlook but still defies logic of such inhumanity. Many of the crimes against women are not reported in this country (as due to submissive nature of the family patriarch or due to other societal factors) and thus do not become a part of the statistics.The term ‘Weaker Sex’ has been taken quite lightly since medieval India, where females have actually been veiled and have not been included as a role model in a participatory society. We don’t send the ‘Girl-Child’ to schools, we don’t want the girl child to take stands regarding their education and life, we still marry the girl child before puberty and lastly, we don’t give them enough leverage to life to the fullest and explore the vignettes of being a human being at first.

No wonder we are a country of dropping sex ratios which are going down with each passing day and hour. We are creating states like Haryana( with highly imbalanced sex ratio of 879 females with respect to 1000 males) where brides for marriage are often not found and are shipped from southern parts of India (from States like Kerala & Tamil Nadu). The Current statistics of how we treat opposite sex is quite baffling, be it in the corporate world or judiciary, on street or in our households, being a woman in India is treated with awe, the male sexism rules the roost in this evolving nation.

With the recent changes in the Rape law, the term ‘RAPE’ has been circumvented to include a broader perspective. The modesty of woman has been severely compromised off-late, stricter laws are the need of the hour, quicker solutions and results are needed to prove beyond capacity, which should set the example of tentative happenings. Other important measure which needs introspection is the ‘Education’ of the male mind.

Penultimately, the need of the hour is to create an ambience of accepting a Woman in our day to day lives, considering the fact that your mere existence is enriched and happening due to her.

By Sanjeev Jaggi

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Image Source: By Nilroy (Nilanjana Roy) (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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