Where India is striving for ‘acche din’, there on the other hand, 14.2 million modern slaves’ palm-lines are not destined to have ‘acche din’ in their life.

Accelerating may be the PM’s zeal for developed India, but some 14.2 million Indians do not belong to such India. Promising appears the ‘acche din’ by Modi to India, but to those 14.2 million Indians, even dreaming of ‘acche-din’ is a far-fetched reality. Yes, I’m talking about these cursed, modern slaves whose count sums up to 14.2 million of the country’s population.

bonded hands India Tops The List In Modern Slavery


According to the reports given out by the Global Slavery Index 2014, the quantum of modern slaves accounts to 35.8 million and much to our unfortunateness, India finds a place atop in the list, withal, China, Russia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan laid too on the list. Very afflicting it is to familiarize the readers that India accounts to 40% of the world’s 35.8 million million slaves.

bonded labor India Tops The List In Modern Slavery

Causes that contribute to slavery in India are many. But, yeah, the crux of such torment is indeed India’s poverty. The misery of poverty ruptures into bonded labour, sexual exploitation, child labour and human trafficking. What moves the humanity within me till the deepest of my deep cells is seeing the innocent children as its victims. In fact, one-third of modern slavery is children. Is it tolerant to see pencil-fitting hands mucked up with filth? And to this, no lip would raise its voice but see a beef holding child, silence would suddenly erupt to violence.

slavery India Tops The List In Modern Slavery

In India, the major industries that practice modern slavery are cotton, rice, bricks and quarrying. The states where bonded labour is at its summit are Tamil Nadu (65,573), Karnataka (64,600), Andhra Pradesh (38,141), Odhisa (50,441) and Uttar Pradesh (35, 572).

Will the government try to paint acche-din in their dark life too? Or, are these 14.2 million people destined to this?

By Prerna Daga

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