Narendra Modi – Is it right to vote for him?


I had a dream that in line with our constitution, the majority of Indians have once again renewed their commitment to keep India secular. And have rejected Modi. There was no “Modi magic” or “Modi wave”. It was a mere media creation. The great Indian nation has not just defeated fascism, it has also defeated media terrorism! A media that had turned Narendra Modi into a “national hero”. And hundreds of millions of Indians (not just Muslims, but sane followers of all religions) were dreading the takeover of India by fascist forces.

Besides fascist ideology, these forces have also been corrupt to the core; BJP’s national president (not any small foot soldier) Bangaru Laxman was caught on a video camera taking bribe. These forces also plundered national mineral wealth and have very recently been thrown out of power in the southern state of Karnataka due to extreme corruption and chaos they created in the state!

 Under Modi’s leadership, Gujarat earned a rare distinction of being the one-and-only state in India where more than half a dozen senior police and intelligence officers are imprisoned for serious crimes including cold-blooded murders!

In my dream I was complaining against a completely sold-out, corporate media that parroted about his “Gujarat model”. That“model” was not about economic development. There are more states in India that are economically better developed than Gujarat. The “Gujarat model” was not about “peace and stability” either. Modi could have learnt from BJP’s Shivraj Singh ruled state of Madhya Pradesh where the state leadership has ensured a tight control on communal forces. While being a hardcore RSS activist himself, Singh has ensured the safety and security of all state subjects, including minorities, during his reign. This is not a bad model of governance and stability. But Modi does not give a damn to even BJP veterans like M.M. Joshi and his own mentor L.K. Advani. So no question of learning from Shivraj Singh.

india won india opines1 India Won??? !!!

Because of his overtly anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim stand, our relations with over 50 Muslim countries would be jeopardized – some of them are India’s economic lifeline as they supply the bulk of our oil. Our relations with our neighbors would go for a toss due to his misplaced nationalist ideology. He had already declared that after becoming prime minister, he would expel millions of Muslims from Eastern part of India whom he and his party call “Bangladeshis”!

Humans have short memories, but not as short as the media expected. We did not forget Pramod Mahajan manufactured “India shining” media blitz during 2004 elections. But the Indian electorate gave a boot (not majority vote) to fascist forces then. And they have done it again in 2014 at a time when almost all media-sponsored surveys had declared Modi the next prime minister of India. I distinctly remember Mahajan giving an interview to a pro-fascism TV channel during 2004 elections. When the interviewer asked him the proof of “India shining”, Mahajan brazenly replied that “it is just a feel-good factor”!

Narendra Modi BJP India Won??? !!!

This is the caliber and true face of fascist leadership. They simply wish to deceive Indian electorates. But Indian voters have once again demonstrated maturity and wisdom; and have renewed their commitment towards a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-religious India. A country where everyone having mutual respect for social, political and religious freedom. This is clearly enshrined in our constitution, which fascist forces have been trying hard to change, sometimes forcefully. And failing.

While the mandate against fascism is clear, but the mandate in favor of “secular” and “pseudo-secular” parties is not clear enough. Voters have done their job. They have demonstrated enough wisdom and maturity. It will now require enormous selflessness, vision and patience on behalf of non-fascist forces to come together and offer a stable, clean and robust government for the next 5 years. The country can have only one prime minister at a time! Regional political stalwarts will have to keep a tight leash on their egos and aspirations. Ammas, Didis and Behenjis will have to check their personal ambitions, if they are true patriots.

But if they love the top-job more than they love the country, then the political mess will soon ensue – we have witnessed enough of that in the past! And we will face a mid-term poll at a great national cost. India cannot and must not have another election in the next 3-4 years. A non-fascist government must be formed at the earliest. And it must govern cleanly and smoothly for the next 5 years. If it happens, India may greatly benefit from this.

And Reality..

Then my morning alarm went off!

Two more rounds of voting to go. I hope my dream for India remaining a secular (and not becoming a fascist) state comes true. That will be a victory for India. In sha Allah.

By Mansoor Durrani

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