India’s victory against England at the ICC Champions Trophy has absorbed the entire nation in a moment of celebration. But is Indian Cricket worthy of  this glory? Or has the IPL match fixing  left it blotched forever?

This past Sunday Team India’s brilliant performances in the ICC Champions Trophy culminated to a memorable triumph against England at Edgbaston in the final, which sparked nationwide euphoria. That was aided and abetted by no small measure by the mainstream media outlets who went on a PR rampage in order to cash in on this hysteria and painted a picture of robust health that is not the case with Indian cricket- at least not if you have followed the developments over the weeks leading up to the Champions Trophy. Now, this is not an attempt to belittle the achievements of the team under Dhoni who played brilliantly throughout the tournament but the powers that be at the BCCI seem to have ducked under the radar due to the joy and wonder that the Indian team has conjured up with their win.

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The Match Fixing Saga Seems to Have Been Forgotten and Forgiven

The crux of the matter is this- Indian cricket still remains mired in deep rooted corruption, infighting, administrative incompetence and conflicts of interest. The Champions Trophy has been used as the proverbial carpet under which the dirt has been shoved and hopefully it would not be long before the lid is blown again on the unfortunate happenings surrounding Indian cricket.

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Let us consider for a moment why the Indian cricket fan should not forget the events of the past few months because of India’s remarkable triumph in the Champions Trophy. Most of the players who played in the tournament had been a part of the tainted IPL and so is it not unfathomable that the ICC Champions Trophy was not completely clean? You might call it a cynical point of view but after the revelations of the IPL it is not exactly impossible for the punters to chase the players who are on their books. On a side note, it is the Indian cricket fan’s responsibility to not forget the way he was conned into watching a tournament for over two months in which the majority of the games were allegedly stage managed by corrupt cricketers, crooked go betweens and team owners.

Everything Is Good With Indian Cricket

As a result it is immeasurably naive to think that everything is good with Indian cricket, when you look at some of the things that have been swiftly shoved under the carpet. What is the update with the enquiry that the BCCI set up with such publicity to look into the charges of betting against N. Srinivasan’s son-in-law and CSK owner Gurunath Meriyappan? Has the BCCI come to a decision regarding the proposed suspension of Raj Kundra as a team owner? Lamentably, we have not been provided with any answers because the BCCI is now happily busy announcing cash awards for the members of the Indian cricket team and the support staff. On the other hand, the mainstream media has also allowed the BCCI the breathing space by not going after them hammer and tongs like it was doing a few months back.

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No one knows whether it is simply the outcome of an uneasy collusion between the different media houses and the BCCI or a tale of forgotten perspectives. At the end of the day it is necessary that the one who runs the whole cricket economy-the fan- does not allow himself to be fooled anymore with the deceptive picture that is being painted. It is time the Indian cricket fan jogs his memory a bit and does not forget the BCCI’s con operation.

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