Check out the changing scenario of Cricket in India, Know more about the mystery cipher, & unique Odiya recipe of banana cutlet on IndiaOpines Community!

We had quite a few links posted on the Community yesterday. Posts included food recipes, opinions and of course interesting blog posts from our regular contributors. These following articles were the top trending posts on our community.

5 reasons why I have come to hate Indian Cricket and Cricket as a game 

A brilliant article on the changing scene of Cricket in India. The good old days of cricket are long gone and now it is the era of media ‘overdose’, match fixing , nepotism and over saturated numbers of cricket matches. The yester years of the sport in the country stands in sharp contrast with the current scenario.

Chinese Gold Bar Cipher

An interesting post on cipher, the post decribes an old Chinese Gold bar cipher. Read all the history and facts about this intriguing Chinese Gold cipher which still remains deciphered. If codes, cipher or historical mysteries interest you then this post is a must read for you.

Self-Affirm And Say I am Healthy, I am Strong And So Shall You Be 

A post on Self Affirmations, it highlights the positives and the value of self affirmations. It can make one more open to advices which are ‘hard to hear’ and help on in achieving one’s goals. Read this interesting as well as motivational piece.

Banana Stem Cutlets (Kadali Manja Bara/Tikki/Cutlet)

Check out this unique odiya recipe of banana stem cutlets, a perfect snack for some spicy conversations.

Those were the top trending posts on the community. Don’t forget to read them and post your own articles and opinions on our community in IndiaOpines.

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