The least that we can do is, to have our custom made prism calibrated with our evolved sense of rationality.

The world that we live in, without doubt is complex at every imaginable level. We might be succeeding in science and technology and other rational mechanical aspects of life but there are also strong undercurrents of passivity and backwardness in the name of religion and traditional beliefs which unfortunately are holding us back. They are turning out to be a major roadblock in achieving higher degree of evolution. And sooner we realize this better it’s for humanity.

When one talks about traditional belief, the idea is not to discard it altogether. But to question, rationalize, draw conclusion and find if they are still relevant in our present context. Will it be helpful in achieving higher degree of evolution?

prism india religion customs traditions The PrismFor all we know, these questions and rationalizations paved the natural course of history with of course some tendency here and there to meander. Our forefather’s generation had their own set of assumptions. Based on that they did filter out the negative trends of their contemporary beliefs and innovate to create a new set of beliefs in order to adapt themselves better with changing scenarios.And now centuries later, we might have evolved a better set of rational approach also our assumptions might have changed. In this context, we have to start re-questioning our beliefs, and not hide behind the dangerous logic of just simply copying our previous generation , trusting their rationality and in the process undermining the evolved rationality and changing circumstances .It’s actually demeaning for humanity and also goes against the principle of evolution.

Human conflicts do bother our existence. While some are trivial which are blown out of proportion others can be borne out of the fact of existence of human variety. These conflicts can of course be set straight once people start gaining perspective over it. There are people who question their traditional beliefs and there are some who don’t.

Conflicts may also arise when there are different set of parameters and variables while questioning their belief. This in fact has been a source of lot of current conflicts. The best example is the inherent conflict among capitalism, socialism, feminism line of thoughts. Though all are progressive in their own right, they do lock horns with each other. But these kinds of conflicts where people are giving serious thoughts and then taking a stand is way better than not questioning the traditional belief structure altogether.

conflict ot intetest The Prism

For at least here there lies an opportunity of debates and discussions. Also it shows how people are sensitive about issues such as liberty, equality, gender justice and when these ideals clash how they value one more than the other. And of course, here there also lies a hope of developing synergy among these ideals and perfecting the art of finding consistency with the changing environment. For at the end of the day, this is what evolution is. 

The worst kind of conflict occurs when on the other end lies people who are unwilling to question their traditional beliefs .They get emotional, sometimes fanatic and there lies a strong possibility of this growing into religious fundamentalism. They want to maintain a status quo and are actually afraid of any kind of change, in the process forgetting that change is the only constant of our lives. Reason for this could be many but the foremost one is the deep conditioning one undergoes.

Statistically speaking there is a possibility that may be everything being said and done is in accordance with the changing scenarios. But the idea is to at least apply a filter and make an effort to observe things from their own perspective. The plus side of this will be, they will have better confidence in their belief structure and will also come to terms with the fact that everybody has their own way of observing life.

One should just accept the fact that neither can one be entirely right nor the other party can be entirely wrong. At the end of the day it’s just a game of perspective. There is a prism through which one observes and lives life. Ideally speaking there should not be any prism in the first place. They hinder the direct view. One can’t see the things as they are. But let’s just leave that for higher level of evolution.

The least that we can do as far as present is concerned is to have our custom made prism calibrated with our evolved sense of rationality and respect the fact others have this too. Nobody is looking at things as they are and hence nobody is closer to the truth. Once we accept this fallibility of our prisms it will lead to a more tolerant and peaceful society. 

By: Anubha Nayan

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