I believe that the main culprit of Muslim backwardness is the Priest and not the religion

The dawn of tomorrow would herald the death of a terrorist, if not the terror, and a chapter in the saga of terrorism with reach to its logical conclusion.

I wish all cases of terrorism should similarly reach the same anvil irrespective of the religious tag of the criminal.

I am an Indian Muslim and very happy with my country and will not exchange my citizenship with any other land in this world.

indian muslim I Am An Indian Muslim And Very Happy With My Country

I don’t believe that claim of any follower of any religion for its superiority is justified if the general and aggregate attitude and behavior speaks the opposite or otherwise.

I don’t believe that majority of my countrymen are prejudiced against Muslims.

I don’t believe that a Vegetarian is intellectually or morally superior to a Non-vegetarian and holding the moral high ground on that basis could ever be substantiated.

I don’t believe that Muslims are lagging behind because many of them are not interested to improve their lot.

I don’t think that they willingly like living below the poverty line as ghettos are their habitats.

I don’t believe Muslim Community churns out more criminals or saints than the other Indian communities.

I don’t believe that the present generation of Muslims has any sympathy or soft corner for Pakistan like some of the remnant of previous one.

I don’t believe that Muslims are either braver or coward as compare to other any other community of India.

I don’t believe that Muslims are lagging behind in education because they are not getting the right kind of support from the governments. They have excelled with limited resource and often have come out in flying colors.

I don’t think they’re economically as poor their psudo-sympathizers want us to believe or majority of them welter in the morass of self-pity.

A flat in Johri Farm or Batla House, Okhla is still costlier to its equivalent in posh colonies.

Muslims have always been excellent at sports, studies, arts, politics, administration, warfare, science and technology. They’ve produced the best in every field and I don’t need to name them.Everyone knows them.

I believe their problem is the historical baggage they don’t know how to handle in a secular state where Hindus are in majority.

They are NOT willing to accept that there were several Muslim invaders and rulers who had treated the original inhabitants with contempt after they were defeated.

Pride on past is justified for the positive contributions and not for the military victories. These were not victories of RELIGION.

Muslims have to realize that Pakistan was the latest wound on Indian psyche as the country of Ashok, Akbar and Tipu Sultan was carved into silly, unnatural, religious dominions – the geographical monsterities.

Since independence, every decade we’ve wars and attacks on innocent civilians resulting innumerable casualties while the situation remains stagnant for a common man.

I believe that the main culprit of Muslim backwardness is the Priest and not the religion.

He has no answer how the over-dose of religion or overweening pride of the past is going to help solve the problems of today.

He has no idea how the competition of today could be won with the tricks of yesterday.

He has to tell his followers with full conviction that are many compromises to be made in a pluralistic society to get acceptance.

He has to dare tell his followers to eschew those ideas that are irritating to other citizens. These are to be shunned if they are not obligatory in religion.

Unfortunately, he is still not willing to understand that religion is more flexible than traditions. When the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) had first introduced Islam, it was in a social gathering where all were Idol Worshippers except few. It was his previous record of honesty and integrity that made his statement believable and not any paeans of war victories.

It was his honesty, simplicity and humility that got him followers.

He had, on record, forgiven all the offenders of city of Mecca who had ostracized and treated him badly when he was living with them. There was a grace, magnanimity and a message of forgiving when he entered the city as a victor.

The priest has to change his attitude, his oratory and his message.

Once he does that, there would be no longer dangerous Memons or Gurus because they are not the maladies by themselves, they are the symptom of disease  – Avenge and Revenge.

The community that had produced Havaldar Abdul Hameed, APJ Abdul Kalam , Salim Ali, Dilip Kumar and Noushad is quite capable to produce many more like them.

Yes, definitely, there is a problem with the RSS ideology and fanatical fringes but once the country discerns the sincerity, merit and devotion, these barnacles could be taken care of.

I’m still proud that here, in my India, I don’t face racial attacks by individuals, or bombs because I belong to ‘Another Sect’ or ban on my wives and sisters from driving because they happen to have XX chromosomes.

But, to improve our condition, we have to take initiatives. We have to STOP complaining BECAUSE  it is a consequence of lack of Self-Belief.

What I expect from my countrymen is to treat me with respect. I should not be made an easy target for fake arrests when it comes to terrorist charges. There had been a lot of examples in which innocents were arrested and then released free of charges after a few years of torture and harassment.

I would also like to know why, among Bangladeshis who come to India, anyone to differentiate immigrants, from same economic background based on religion?

Let the RSS understand that we have better things to do than romance religiously. Please stop alleging us for this idiotic thing like ‘Love Jihad.’

I am not much interested in impressing girls with my dance moves at Garba Pandal but I’m a good dancer for the tunes that are agreeable to me.

Jai Hind !

Naim Naqvi

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