Seeing Indians having had inducted in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet is not actually a matter to boast of. For India’s own cabinet is in a state of ugly turmoil.

Most newspapers and TV channels have been beaming the pictures of four MPs of Indian origin including two Sikhs, who have been inducted in the cabinet of Justin Trudeau in Canada recently.

The four include Harjit Sajjan, a first time MP from Vancouver South,who has been given the crucial Ministry of Defence.The other three are Navdeep Singh Bains,Amarjeet Sohi and Bandish Chagger,who at 34, is the youngest of the four proud members of the Indo-Canadian community.

navdeep justin cabinet What A Contrast Sirjee?

Even US President Barack Obama had inducted many people of Indian origin in his government and we have been gloating over these developments with due pride.

But don’t these developments put us Indians to shame?

Can you imagine such a development in this country where even after having spent nearly four decades in the country and being duly elected to Parliament,no less than the Prime Minister of the country questions the antecedents of Sonia Gandhi for holding a ministerial post.

And we are celebrating the ranking of this man among the top ten most powerful personalities of the world!

We are living in an India where a Central Cabinet Minister can tell an award-winning actor who has struggled to make it to the top without godfathers and whose family is an example of national integration, to go to Pakistan.

shahrukh sadhvi What A Contrast Sirjee?

We are living in an India where a singer of Pakistani origin who has been regaling music connoisseurs in the country with his soulful ghazals has to cancel his concerts because a so- called fringe element has threatened to disrupt his program and the Home Ministry is unable to guarantee a peaceful concert.

GHULAM ALI What A Contrast Sirjee?

We are living in an India where a powerful cabinet minister, undeclared number two,who had fought bravely and gone to jail against the atrocities of the emergency is today forced to call protests by writers, scientists and artistes as being ‘manufactured’.

We are living in an India where anyone who speaks out against the violence and aggression and even killing on the basis of rumors is attacked publicly at all forums available.

mob kills man in dadri beef newsx What A Contrast Sirjee?

We are living in an India where the ninth most powerful man in the world is unable to control members of his own cabinet from spreading venom even though he has been warned by companies like Moody’s that if the situation is not brought under control fast, it would seriously dent the image of the country in the world and affect the expected investment from the Prime Minister’s trips across the globe.

By Amitabh Srivastava

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