How accurate are political predictions of famous astrologers when it comes to the matter of Indian politics?

I am always amused by the political predictions made by astrologers, mainly because they seldom come true. When an astrologer makes personal predictions, we have no way of checking their veracity unless that person discloses it which he rarely does except when a prediction comes true. But political predictions being in the public domain, one can check them later on.

But nobody bothers to check them. When an astrologer makes, say ten predictions, may be one or two come true. These two are highlighted while the remaining eight are forgotten. To make political predictions you don’t need divine powers but only a general acumen for understanding politics. A few of the political predictions  made by anybody are bound to come true.

Now I have a few political predictions made by famous astrologers in 2007.  These were published in a reputed English Weekly in Nov, 2007. That was the time when UPA-I was in power and every party was looking forward to the 2009 general election.

Look at  the predictions of these popular astrologers and examine how many of them have come true and come to your own conclusions..

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Pandit Devendra Misra, Sanskrit Scholar and Astrologer predicted::

  •  Elections will be held before May 2008
  •  Neither the Congress nor the BJP will form the government
  •  Regional parties will form an alliance and form the government 

But the elections were held only in 2009 and UPA formed the government for the second term.

 H.K.Tripathi, Industrialist turned astrologer, predicted:

  •  Elections in 2008, six months ahead of the date.
  •  Coalition government will be sworn in.
  •  UP will produce the next prime minister.
  •  Modi will be back in power in Gujarat
  •  Priyanka Vadra will not enter politics till 2015.

All these predictions except that on Modi have gone wrong. On Priyanka Vadra’s entry into politics in 2015, we have to wait and see.

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Subhranjan Bhattacharjee, well known starman of Kalkutta predicted:

  •  Loksabha elections likely in in mid-2008
  •  Coalition government will be sworn in, likely to last three years.
  •  Priyanka Vadra will become prime minister in another five years.
  •  Jayalalitha will become the prime minister.
  •  Narendra Modi will continue as Gujarat CM .
  •  Priyaranjan Das Munshi will become West Bengal CM.

  Here also all predictions except that on Modi have gone astray.


Jyothish Samrat Lachhman Das Madan, Editor of the magazine ”Babaji” had predicted:

  •   Not much change in the numbers of congress or the BJP. A coalition government will be sworn in.
  •  The Left will ditch the UPA. It will do very well if elections are held after July 9.
  •  Narendra Modi will come back in Gujarat.
  •  Lok Sabha elections will be held before May 2008.
  •  Neither Sonia Gandhi nor Manmohan Singh will become the PM.
  •  Priyanka Gandhi would be the next PM as she has the most beautiful horoscope.

Look at what happened really. The  Left has of course ditched the UPA, but elections were held only in 2009 and Manmohan Singh became PM for second term and the left was almost decimated. As predicted, of course Modi came back to Gujarat.

Indranil Mitra, Astrologer cum palmist, Delhi, made the following predictions:

  •  December 2007 to  February 22, 2008 is extremely difficult for Manmohan  government.
  •  Coalition government will be sworn in.
  •  Uncertainity will prevail till February 2010.
  •  Pranab Mukherjee and Advani are front runners for PM’s post.

Ultimately Manmohan Singh government continued till 2009 and UPA-II government was sworn in.

Arun Bansal, Computer Astrologer and expert in astrological software, Delhi. His predictions include:

  •  Later part of November (2007) will be difficult for Manmohan Singh.
  •  Congress will grow stronger in the next 5-7 years. BJP will be bogged down by internal strife.
  •  No retirement for Vajpeyee. Stars favour Advani, but may not get power.
  •  Mayavati is destined to become PM one day.
  •  Next few months are very good for Rahul Gandhi. He may even  become PM, but not for long.
  •  Rahul Gandhi will get married in 2008.

All these predictions have gone wrong. Vajpayee retired in 2008, Rahul Gandhi is still a bachelor. It doesn’t appear Mayavati has any chance to be the PM.  Advani’s stars have ditched him. Rahul Gandhi’s good luck is yet to come.

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All the predictions by the above astrologers were based on general understanding of political situations prevailing at that time. Almost all had predicted Modi’s return to power in Gujarat because in 2007 Modi was very powerful and popular in Gujarat. The UPA politics in 2007 was so fluid that everybody expected an early election in 2008 and defeat of UPA and a coalition government. But  almost all these popular astrologers have failed to correctly read the stars of political parties and leaders.

In spite of such predictions going awry almost every time, it is astonishing that our political leaders throng such astrologers’ gates time and again…

By K.V.Ravindran

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