Is greed the basis of India’s governing and political trouble?

Our Indian culture basically believes in simplicity, tolerance, sacrifice of self interest, honesty, coexistence etc. There is a lot of evidence that exists right from Vedic literature to independence movement, which supports our said thoughts. Foreigners like Mangoals, Saks, Huns etc came in as small groups & mingled with local populations. In due course of time they became an integral part of Indian society.

During British Rule

In medieval period came Muslims. Most of them were Looters. They not only looted our priceless property but also ruined our Society, education system & our culture. Lately came Britishers. Their policy were itself divide & and rule. They adopted all means to exploit our society which continued till we gained independence. Fortunately we got several great freedom fighters, that;s how we gained freedom from Britishers.

British Rule in India Indian Politics and Greed

Their ‘Sansakar’ nurtured our society till early seventies. With the innovation of our second generation leadership, greed became the primary purpose of politics. It started to spread its influence in every field of society. Now greed is the primary objective of politics. Naturally, all evils born in due course of time. Corruption is one of them.

Greed is the Root Cause of Evil?

The greed that creates recent storms and scams like 2g, Coal gate, Lalitgate, Vyapam, Ricegate & several other gates. It is tip of an iceberg. It is a business & political nexus that causes all scams. It is about businessmen purchasing political elites first. Then in turn politicians oblige them keeping common interest at bay.

Cartoon Coalgate CBI Report Indian Politics and Greed

This is the reason that social factors like agriculture, education, health progressively was marginalized. Now its reached the point of extinction. This elite class of politicians & business society get immunized from any legal action except very exception that too with intervention of Apex court. There is an unwritten agreement, it seems, among these societies that they are made for each other. Some time A is EX on other point of time B is EX. So, let us play friendly match, is the naked truth. We common men will not get rid of it, in near future.

By Dr. Dinesh Mishra

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