Indian politics – Gone are the days when politicians were termed as hero for taking a moral stand. Today these politicians are called fools…

When Lal Bahadur Shastri resigned following a spate of railway accidents, he was hailed as a hero. Ditto when Madhav Rao Scindia resigned after air crash when he was Civil Aviation Minister.

lal bahadur shastri indian politics Indian Politics : There Is Nothing Like ‘Moral’ Grounds Today

That was when India was in the Stone Age. Today such people are called Bewaqoof or plain fools in modern English. And nothing less than an apology for being so STUPID for taking a moral stand satisfies the people.

This happened recently with two prominent personalities for anyone to miss. Nitish Kumar who took oath as Chief Minister of Bihar two days back had to tell the public on record that he had made a mistake in resigning in an emotional moment because the JD(U) had been wiped out in the Lok Sabha in 2014 even though he was a Chief Minister with a full majority in Bihar.

Ironically, the Bihar BJP is calling him devoid of principles for making a comeback without seeking fresh mandate. But no one takes them seriously because they had shamelessly, tried their best to prop up Manjhi to prevent a JD(U), RJD and Congress combine to takeover. But who is apologizing ? It  is Nitish Kumar who has maintained a spotless image all through his long and cherished political career.

The other famous apology comes from Arvind Kejriwal who for all his infirmities and unpredictability has the reputation of creating a mortal fear among those indulging in corruption. Even though his regime lasted only 49 days last year so enamored are people with his reputation or let’s say so fed up are people with corrupt babus that the man who was called AK49 has now come back as AK67.

But he had to pay a heavy price for this. Foregoing all his self respect and dignity Kejriwal apologized to the public for being a ‘bhagoda’ last year. His fault- he had resigned on moral grounds saying that he had not been able to introduce the Lok Pal Bill in the Delhi Assembly simply because he had not have a  majority on his own.

Initially Kejriwal resented being called a Bhagoda. However, things changed after his spectacular loss in Varanasi against Narendra Modi,  who he thought would be another soft target like Shiela Dikshit. And then when the Delhi elections came nearer, Kejriwal swallowed the poison like Shiva and apologized to the people of Delhi for running away from his responsibilities last time.

arvind kejriwal indian politics Indian Politics : There Is Nothing Like ‘Moral’ Grounds Today

This was of course double-edged sword. One- it made him the underdog in the fight for Delhi among the loud mouthed political rivals and more importantly, it took the wind out of the sails of the Opposition who had nothing else to charge him with.

And he made a comeback and what a comeback it was. A comeback when all the Kiran Bedis and Ajay Makens fell down and Sharmishta Mukherjees fell by the wayside to give him a thumping majority of 67/70.

Today he is placed in such a formidable position that even if 30 of his MLAs are lured away by the Opposition Kejriwal will continue to rule. Only a Harakiri can now dethrone him from the place he is perched on as of now.

By: Amitabh Srivastava

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