The quality of Indian television is degrading day by day whereas all the Pakistani serials are not only high on content but also rich in terms of quality. Read here to know what Indian TV makers should learn from Pakistani serials

Off late, I’m hooked to Pakistani serials on Zee Zindagi. My curiosity in their serials have increased so much that I ended up watching few more on Hum TV. Having seen saas- bahu saga from long, along with historical series which are far away from history, these serials from Pakistan is a pleasant change from the otherwise mundane daily soaps, which neither have direction nor any specific target. Here they set up an example which Indian Television makers can learn from them and give us a proper dose of entertainment that our eyes deserve: 

Reality Bites

After watching Pakistani serials, I have seen all their serials are so close to reality that we easily connect with them. For instance, any middle class or lower class girl can find herself in Kashaf of Zindagi Gulzar Hai. The story is close to our real selves unlike our Indian Television serials where the protagonist is so good that it is highly unbelievable, and the antagonist is so bad which is again impossible. Where is the possibility of our connection, I have no idea!!! 

Short is Always Sweet

The serials do not have 3 or 4 digit number of episodes and keep dragging until we yell, “Enough” and start ranting on their twitter and Facebook page. The majority of Pakistani serials have episodes in their 20’s. For instance some might end in 21 episodes, some in 26 or 29. With just few episodes, the story in these serials revolve only on the actual story unlike the Indian daily soaps where we might come across unwanted talks between unwanted characters which neither have any connection with the story nor any significance in the story. For instance, the Javeida track in Jodha Akbar

Balika Vadhu 1000 Episode Indian television What Indian Television Makers Should Learn from their Pakistani Counterparts

Content Is the Key

No wonder content of Pakistani serials is of top class quality. But,on the other hand, there is hardly any quality content in Indian Television serials. If we compare on the content part, one is Marilyn Monroe while the other is Rakhi Sawant, one is RK Narayan and the other is Chetan Bhagat. Yes, I’m being rude to the Indian Television serials because it is high time they accept that the things which they are showing is utterly “Naansense” even if they might earn loads and people stick to it as they have no other option. 

Indian TV Pakistani Serials What Indian Television Makers Should Learn from their Pakistani Counterparts

Background Music Shouldn’t Be Annoying

Another positive aspect of Pakistani serials is its amazing background music which not only connects with the show, but also the sequences. No, it is definitely not annoying and loud like ours. The reason? Well they do not keep the background music as an ancillary item to support their dialogues. The background music of their show fits the screen play well. It is soothing, and definitely not annoying.

Bacground music tv What Indian Television Makers Should Learn from their Pakistani Counterparts

Increase the Number of Viewership not TRPs

Indian Television serial makers can go to any extent to increase their TRPs, then whether it is to involve Ranbir Kapoor or Salman Khan in a Maha episode and advertise their latest release or give the audiences a teaser which is far from what they might show in the subsequent episode. I wonder why can’t they simply concentrate on the original plot and increase the interest of the viewers rather than adding unnecessary masala to increase their TRPs. 

iNDIAN tv TRP What Indian Television Makers Should Learn from their Pakistani Counterparts

Indian Television Makers What Indian Television Makers Should Learn from their Pakistani Counterparts

Stop Commercializing Chauvinism, Sexism and Stereotypes!

Encouraging sexism, stereotypes and chauvinism has become a formula for making Indian television serials. Insert all these things and a serial is ready. Guess what, it might be a big hit as well. I wonder how can people promote social evils in the name of social awareness. No, Indian viewers are not insane but they do watch these soaps as they do not have any option. However, now when they have an option and if they switch to Pakistani serials, please don’t blame them for being disloyal or anti-Indian. 

Indian TV Kumkum bhagya What Indian Television Makers Should Learn from their Pakistani Counterparts

By: Deepti Verma

Image Source: Balika Vadhu, Indian Television, TRP Fever

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