Nothing is going to change unless Indian women decide to speak up for themselves!

know I will be lynched for saying this but I discovered a hidden trait of my personality only very recently. 

A German journalist writing a book on ‘Violence against women in India’ wanted to know my views on the subject, from a male perspective. And as I started talking I went so ballistic blaming Indian women for being more than 50 per cent responsible for the crimes against them that the journalist took out her video camera asking me if I would mind repeating the same on camera for a possible documentary. 

bharat mata woman Indian Women   Passing On The Wrong Genes!

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t blame women for wearing short dresses, jeans,using mobiles or watching films for like some of our country’s great worthies some of whom have  entered parliament. 

I blame the Indian women for putting weird ideas into the heads of men in the name of preserving the Indian culture and tradition! 

As newspapers and magazines prepare for the annual ritual of writing heart-rending stories about the fate of hapless victims of sexual violence as we reach December 16 it is time to get real.Stop blaming boys for being boys but look at the harm women have done and persist in doing! 

I blame the Indian women for brainwashing their daughters into believing that they were made differently by God endowed with all the virtues of patience, tolerance and forgiveness! 

We can’t blame the brutes who treated the victim who boarded the DTC bus at Munirka on that fateful night with her male companion two years ago, for saying what they did before attacking them. The thought that it was a sacrilege for a girl to travel with a male companion at 9 pm was ingrained in their psyche by their mothers and grandmothers. All such brutes are mama’s boys, trust me. 

india woman girl Indian Women   Passing On The Wrong Genes!

The Khaps would not act the way they do without the tacit approval of the powerful women folk of the Jatland. 

Questions will be asked in the coming days whether anything had changed in the last two years. And statistics will be extracted from Google search to show that women are as unsafe or even in a worse position than two years ago. 

Justice Verma did a great service to women of modern India,much more than we realise today, by creating new definitions and parameters to judge sexual assault. He, for the first time in independent India, made trafficking an offence under the Indian Penal Code and most of his suggestions were incorporated in the new law passed by Parliament by the previous government. 

Suddenly, with a new government in place, there is a move to amend the rape and POSCO laws which are considered too harsh and stringent for some VIP convicts. 

That should not come as a surprise. Laws are meant to be broken not followed in this ancient country of great cultural values. 

Going further back in time, there was another black hole in the history of the country in the name of Nithari killings where the remnants of missing children were found in a house in Noida in NCR. 

Why did Nithari happen? Simple,  because the policemen on duty refused to lodge FIRs,which is their duty according to the Constitution.  

The laws have been changed since and now a policeman who refuses to register a FIR in a sexual assault case can be jailed and monetarily penalised.But has that happened even once? 

Remember what the policemen in Noida told the mothers who went to report their missing minor daughters.’ Are Woh apne yaar ke saath bhag gayee hogi’.Instead of looking ashamed as if they half believed what the leech said they should have turned back and told him that is none of your business. We are here to lodge a report not seek a character certificate from you.’ She will have to take that stand at every stage of the fight which begins with the first step starting with the FIR. 

I believe nothing is going to change unless the Indian woman decides to speak up for her self. Even if that goes against the great Indian culture. 

By: Amitabh Srivastava

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