Eating with our hands – that’s what we Indians do. Noticed how the food simply tastes better?

It’s like toilet paper really – a western practice that has crept into our society – unnecessary, not necessarily more sanitary but somehow made to seem more desirable. I’m talking about eating with cutlery versus our Indian habit of eating with our hands/fingers. Western society has long made us feel somehow apologetic for eating with our hands. There is that slight condescension, even disapproval of this most natural of customs. But guess what? We’re not apologising. A bit! Yes we eat with our fingers; yes we even eat with our whole hands. There many reasons why we Indians eat with our hands; many reasons why we recommend it:

1. Hands Came First

eat with your hands Why We Indians Eat With Our Hands

God gave us fingers so we can eat. Did he give us forks and knives? No! Since we do not have fine steel cutlery growing out of our wrists, we use our hands! How’s that for a reason!

2.  The Food Tastes Better

enjoy eating  Why We Indians Eat With Our Hands

Seriously! You try eating a well cooked, delicious meal with your hands. Do this after you’ve tried to do the same with a fork and knife or a spoon or even chopsticks. You’ll know the difference right away. People, its finger lickin’ good. Whoever heard of spoon/fork/knife likin good!

3.    We’re Not Eating It Straight Off The Plate/ Bowl

What’s your problem! It’s not like we’re eating it straight out of the bowl or the plate. We’re using something to transport the food to our mouth – namely our fingers! See? It’s easy! We’ll show you how.

4.     We Don’t Mind Washing Our Hands

eat with hands Why We Indians Eat With Our HandsSometimes I think it’s just laziness to use cutlery – you eat with a spoon because you can’t be bothered to wash your hands. But see, we don’t mind washing our hands; before or after eating.

5.     We Don’t Mind How It Looks

eating Why We Indians Eat With Our HandsIt may seem strange to the fork wielders, but it doesn’t to us! We think this looks a little strange – this shoveling of food down the pie hole.

6.     This is how much water you save in a day per person by not washing spoons forks and knives 

giphy Why We Indians Eat With Our Hands


7.     YOU Try Eating Rohu With Your Fork And Knife

Fried Rohu Why We Indians Eat With Our HandsEither you leave half the fish on the bones or you throw up your hands in exasperation. Take your pick! Or of course, you quietly eat with your hands, and save your sanity.

8.     That Fork’s A Nuisance!

eat Why We Indians Eat With Our HandsNoticed how things slip off and through that fork? It’s enough to make you want to eat that spaghetti like that!

9.     You Try Wiping The Side Of Your Mouth With That Knife

wipe mouth Why We Indians Eat With Our HandsOuch! Painful! Much nicer to use your fingers there.

10.Some Of Us Use Our Whole Hand – Got A Problem With That?

wCI3GA Why We Indians Eat With Our Hands

Different strokes for different folks! Sometimes I eat a parantha and use only my fingers, but then I want to have a nice spicy curry with my rice and I want to use my whole hand… did I see you make a face? No? Excellent.

11.Try It – It’s WONDERFUL!

eating with a fork and knife Why We Indians Eat With Our HandsThere is a tactile pleasure in eating without spoons and forks. More of the body’s senses get involved in the process of eating and appreciating food. If you’ve never tried it, we feel bad for you. Try it; its finger likin’ good!

And finally because the boss says so #gordonramsey #finalword

zFTCqb Why We Indians Eat With Our Hands

By – Reena Daruwalla

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