While blending of different cultures is definitely a welcome change, however are we undermining our indigenous culture for adapting the western one?

“CHEERS”, and the party begins. With booze, fags and skimpily dressed girls who move their bodies to attract men. Indian Youth today is known by his branded clothes, imported watches, designer accessories.“Namaste Dada Jee” has become “Hey Grandpa”, courtesy the western culture. The Indian morning which used to begin with bhajans and kirtans now begins with the rock of Metallica and the punk of Greenday.

Many faces of India 2 300x300 Indians Are Becoming Ineffectual Copies Of Western Culture

Many Faces of the Indian Culture

The culture of India is rooted not only in its long history, unique geography and diverse demography, but also by its ancient heritages. Regarded by some historians as the “oldest living civilization of Earth”, the Indian tradition dates back to 8,000 BC and has a continuous recorded history for over 2,500 years. We are becoming Ineffectual copies of Western Culture ,blindly following everything without understanding the damaging and destructive effects of it. We can probably add on positive characteristics of Western Society  such as Punctuality,Loyalty and Professionalism.Updating is necessary but getting washed-off in influence is wide off the mark.If this continued for few more years, Indian Heritage would be buried by Indians themselves.

Let us understand Why Westernisation is not beneficial in India.


1- Geographical and Climatic Clash

India has a unique geography. We are blessed to have most of the known Climatic Zones of the World. Unlike,Western Countries which experience only cold and extremely cold climate.There rarely is a day in 365 days of a year when we do not see the Sun shining on us.There are countries where sun shines only for a few months in a year. The rays of the Sun are most effective in curing fungal and bacterial diseases. Allopathy is more effective in Western Countries as the climate is severe and cold. The intake of tea,coffee and beer is mandatory to survive in West.Due to severe climatic conditions,there are limited crops that can be grown on the land which includes wheat and corn. Pizza,Pasta and Bread are made through fermentation of wheat.We have started believing that having pasta and pizza adds to our social status.Moreover, We have made it mandatory to eat at Malls on Weekends. 

2- Clothes and Accessories

The most prevalent Western Influence can be seen in clothes we wear today.Men usually wear Blazers,ties and Trousers as Formal Clothes as it keeps them covered from cold winds.We wear them during screeching summers of June not realizing that we are being ” Apes”.Women wear short dresses despite of the weather as they have inherited value for physical appearance from their ancestors. We have learned how to carry Western Outfits but we still stop and turn back when a black cat passes by.We need to modernize our thoughts and not clothes.

3- Habits and Practises

We are the proud owners of World’s most ancient Medical Science ” Ayurveda” which is being accepted and practised worldwide. We were being taught the benefits of ” Early to bed , Early to rise” since we were four .Non Vegetarian Foods were not a part of our Eating Habits as we had access to variety of crops.There are almost 8 lakh villages in India today which have extremely rich soil to produce almost any kind of crop.Alcohols were beneficial in West as they keep them warm. It has a digestive juice which helps them digest food intake . Our bodies have not been styled to take Alcohols and Fast Foods .No Doubt , we have access to Diseases today that were not heard of 50 years back.We fondly celebrate Mother’s Day,Valentine’s Day and Fools Day and disregard our Festivals that teach us Values.

4- Nuclear Family Concept

We have a history of Joint Families where 3 to 4 generations lived happily together. Nuclear Family in India did not restrict itself just to a small family but Step-parents, half-brothers and sisters, divorced couples and single parents  increased in percentage to the extent of 23.5% of all households. We rarely had Divorced Couples.It was acceptable in very severe abusive conditions. We are openly accepting the concept of ” Live In Relationships and ” Unwed Mothers” which completely opposes our Culture. Living separately has  also raised the Depression cases in our Country.We have been aping everything that was bad in West neglecting our basic needs.We are known for our deep rooted values and we are losing them for nothing in return.

Indeed, We need to keep changing and erupting into better human beings,but carefully. We are on the verge of becoming Second Hand Westerners.Our Countrymen need to take pride in our Culture and Traditions.The whole World has kneeled before Yoga and Ayurveda and we are busy buying membership of Gyms and Health Centres.The world is celebrating Vegans and we take plight in having sea food. The world is polishing Inner Beauty and we are overloading ourselves with cosmetics. Are we becoming Globalised or just losing diamonds acquiring stones?

By Nikita Goel

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Image Source: By John Haslam (Flickr: Portraits of India) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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