Indians are either getting too frustrated or they just don’ care what the repercussions of their actions are going to be!

Indians are either getting too frustrated or they just don’ care what the repercussions of their actions are going to be. 

I was recently going through a list of the reasons for which people either take out a gun or stab someone with the intention to kill. It is only a miracle if the victim survives because the killer had no such intention.

INDIANS ANGRY MINDS Are we Indians Really Losing it?

The list is bizarre. A landlord in Nithari, Noida beat up his tenant so brutally that he broke his leg. His fault- he had not closed the front door while going out. Another man was killed because he was trying to get away from a juice shop without paying a bill of Rs.25.The argument got worse and the inebriated customer found it easier to stab the shop owner with a tool placed there rather than paying the bill.

The third incident is of a more serious nature. In Greater Noida, a man called Amit had been harassing his wife for dowry and when she could take it no longer she left his house to live with her parents. Amit went to get her back but his short tempered mother- in- law got so infuriated that she slapped him hard. Amit could not forget the ‘Goonj’ of that slap and when his wife came back home he not only strangled her with a dupatta but also smothered his two infant daughters. When arrested, he proudly confessed that he had taken his revenge for that stinging slap.

A customer in Greater Noida was stabbed because he was taking time to pay a bill as he did not have change for a Rs.1,000 note. When the argument took long a group of boys waiting in the queue got so impatient that they shot him dead.

angry man indians Are we Indians Really Losing it?

These are only a few gems culled out from newspapers about some incidents which have occurred within the last ten days. People all over the country must be having many more honourable reasons to kill each other, I am sure.

Social scientists and psychiatrists must be having  some very valid reasons to explain this phenomenon. 

As a lay man I feel there can be only two reasons for this. We have started losing the veneer of sophistication that we had been holding up for society. Our animal instincts are coming out and we are not afraid to flaunt them.

Secondly, the common citizen is getting so frustrated with long queues, delays red- tapism which is another term for under-the-table payment that he takes out his anger at the first opportunity he gets. The cumulative effect of getting neglected and humiliated at every step leads to a stage where his hurt ego bursts out in acts of such sporadic violence, whatever the consequence. 

These are acts of sporadic violence and don’t fall it in the category of pre- meditated crimes where the culprit plans a killing knowing well that he can get away with it. That is another class altogether. 

By: Amitabh Srivastava

Image Source: Angry Indians, Grumpy Uncle

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