In general Indians hate politicians. Meet the ones we love to hate the most!

The Indian political class would have to be among the most reviled, highly criticised and hated group of people in our country. Since we like to find a scapegoat and pin blame on someone for all our ills, this  hatred for Indian Politicians is at times undeserved, ; but more often than not, our politicians richly deserve the brickbats aimed at them. Even within the generally hated political class, there are some individuals who deserve special mention – these are the Indian politicians that Indians generally love to hate:

1.     Kapil Sibal

kapil sibal Indians Politicians We Love to Hate He is too glib, too smiley, too smooth talking – plus he is a rich lawyer.  All the things that Indians hate, envy and mistrust! He has been perilously close to being embroiled in various scams and controversies. Recent reports say that he pays Rs 16 lakh rent for his Jor Bagh House. What’s not to hate!

2.     Mamata Banerjee

mamata bannerjee Indians Politicians We Love to Hate At some point she may have been a well-meaning idealist who wanted to bring about positive change. Alas as the Chief Minister of West Bengal she largely perceived as an egotistical, tyrannical, intolerant despot. It doesn’t help that some of the people she surrounds herself with are distinctly unsavoury.

3.     Pravin Togadia

pravin togadia Indians Politicians We Love to Hate The vocation of healing doesn’t typically coincide with political hate speeches. In Dr Pravin Togadia it does. A cancer surgeon by profession, this man is more in the news for his hate speeches than anything constructive.

4.     Digvijay Singhdigvijay singh Indians Politicians We Love to Hate

This is an Indian politician who enjoys airing is many and varied views – with over 2 lakh Twitter followers, there are many who are listening in. Controversy could be his middle name. It didn’t help that he announced that he was in a relationship with Amrita Rai, a TV journalist many years his junior who would be leaving her husband for the colourful politician.

5.     Mulayam Singh Yadav

mulayam singh yadav Indians Politicians We Love to Hate This man may inspire undying devotion from vast swathes of the rural Hindi belt, but for much of urban India, his views are anathema. He really painted himself into a corner his regressive remarks about rape.

6.     Tapas Paul

This small time politician has proved that a hate speech can instantly catapult a person into the national political headlines. He has done nothing of note except threaten rival party workers with rape and the annihilation of their gushti (entire extended family).

7.     Arvind Kejriwal

This is the man who brought about a welcome and far-reaching change in our polity. Alas he lacked the staying power. Elected the Chief Minister of Delhi, his short tenure was a profoundly disillusioning experience for his multitudes of supporters (2 million plus followers on Twitter and counting). His is very much a case of the hero being discovered to have feet of clay; his steadfastness being seen as an intractable character flaw.

arvind kejriwal votes Indians Politicians We Love to Hate

8.     Mayawati Kumari

mayawati Indians Politicians We Love to Hate She was termed as a “Miracle of Democracy” for a former Prime Minister of our country, and has certainly come a very long way from her humble origins. Alas her appetite for self aggrandizement, the unashamed flaunting of disproportionate wealth and criticism from the World Bank – these were just a few things responsible for an inevitable descent into her current position in the political wilderness.

9.     Dr Harsh Vardhanharsh vardhan Indians Politicians We Love to Hate

He was appointed the Minister of Health and Family welfare in the new BJP government. Rather than get to work on fulfilling the many promises made by his government he waded right into controversy with his views on sex education. Apparently the man wants to ban sex education in schools – how forward thinking and enlightened of him!

10.Raj Thakreyrak thackeray Indians Politicians We Love to Hate

This man bases his political career chiefly on controversy – create controversy and stay in the limelight is his mantra. His various agitations are what keep him in the news; but he has never been elected to any significant public office and remains largely unanswerable for his actions. The question begs to be asked – is Raj Thackrey and his brand of politics really relevant anymore?

11.Sharad PawarSharad Pawar Indians Politicians We Love to Hate

As India’s agriculture minister he was accused of erring by inaction or by gross mismanagement; even deliberate misconduct. He is considered a significant participant of various scams and is also blamed in large part for India’s economic decline in recent times. It doesn’t help that he himself lives a lavish life of conspicuous consumption.

12.B S Yeddyurappa

b s yeddyurappa Indians Politicians We Love to Hate He is the personification of the brazen Indian politician. Unashamed of being caught with his hand in the till and his subsequent arrest and expulsion from the BJP, he went on to form his own party, viz the Karnataka Janata Paksha. You can admire his temerity; his sheer gall – or hate it. Mostly India hates it.

By – Reena Daruwalla

Images courtesy – Kapil Sibal on Facebook, Mamata Banerjee on Facebook, Dr Pravin Togadia Twitter page,  Digvijay Singh on Twitter, Mulayam Singh Yadav Facebook page, Arvind Kejriwal Facebook Page, Behen Mayawati Facebook Page, Dr Harsh Vardhan on Facebook, Raj Thackeray Facebook page, Sharad Pawar on Facebook , B S Yeddyurappa Facebook page

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