We love the monsoons – the air fills with the fresh scent of fun and romance not to mention suddenly you are carving pakoras. Read more to find out why we enjoy the rains.

I woke up today to the sound of rain on my rooftop. There was a pleasantly cool breeze wafting from the window and there was a profound sense of wellbeing that I woke up to. Me, and countless other fellow Indians have this deeply affectionate relationship with the rains. The rains may inconvenience us, they may imperil us even; but we look forward to the rains, we await them, we welcome them, we Indians simply love the rains.

1.     Relief from the Heatclouds Why We Indians LOVE the Rains

The first rains are such a blessed relief from that blasted heat! The Indian Summer can be brutal enough to literally fry an egg on the pavement. When those clouds block out the pitiless sun and the rain arrives to signal that summer is perhaps at an end, the heart lifts, it sings, it experiences a pure, matchless joy!

2.     That Smell of Wet Earth

perfume Why We Indians LOVE the RainsThose much anticipated drops of water fall on dry and cracked earth and produce a fragrance more heavenly than the costliest perfume. If anyone is able to bottle that scent – they’ll make a fortune! There is an actual word for this smell petrichor.

3.     The Joy of Getting Soaked in the First Rains

rimjhim gire sawan 5061328 GIFSoup.com  Why We Indians LOVE the RainsThe most stoic of us are affected by the rains – the most reticent of us are moved to rush out into that first rain that matchless joy of the cooling, calming, cleansing rain.

4.     An Excuse for Chai Pakoda

chai pakoda Why We Indians LOVE the RainsIt isn’t just that any excuse is a good excuse for chai and pakodas – the fact is that they just taste better in the rain!

5.     Finally! The AC Can be Switched Off

rain Why We Indians LOVE the RainsWe Indians are always happy to be able to save some money. When the rain brings down temperatures and we are able to manage without the AC we are all the more pleased to lower an electricity bill or two.

6.     Singing in the Rain

singing in the rain Why We Indians LOVE the RainsCountless Bollywood songs have been picturised in the rain. There is a song apt for each occasion; small wonder then that the very heart sings in the rain.

7.     Rain is Tantamount to Prosperity

river2 Why We Indians LOVE the RainsIt isn’t just that a river filled bank to bank delights us, or that a pond filled to the brim is a vision of delight. It isn’t just that a good monsoon will ensure uninterrupted water supply. Our very economy is dependent upon the rains. Agriculture, industry, GDP – everything depends upon the rains in India.

8.     Rain Means A School Holiday

holiday Why We Indians LOVE the RainsIt pours, the streets are waterlogged, the city comes to a grinding halt. What goes of my father’s ( मेरे बाप का  क्या  जाता है)! It’s a holiday, no school, no homework, an unexpected holiday! Let’s just vegg out in front of the TV!

9.     That Visit to Lonavala

aati kya khandala 5061336 GIFSoup.com  Why We Indians LOVE the RainsNo self respecting Mumbaikar or Punekar misses that annual visit to Lonavala in the rians. The picnic atmosphere, the bhutta, the waterfalls, a visit to Bhushi Dam – all mandatory experiences of the monsoon. Aati kya Khandala? Goomenge phirenge nachenge gayenge aish karenge aur kya!

10.Wading in the Water isn’t Icky!

smell of rain Why We Indians LOVE the RainsSplashing through water logged streets isn’t a problem, its fun! What’s a ruined shoe or a broken sandal or two, after all?

11. Sharing an Umbrella – Cozy!

rain 5061326 GIFSoup.com  Why We Indians LOVE the RainsIf the rain isn’t an excuse to get romantic under an umbrella, I don’t know what is! CP or Marine Drive, Park Street or Marina Beach or anywhere else in India; it’s the rain that makes the place come alive with canoodling couples.

12.Monsoon Wedding

monsoon wedding rain marriage Why We Indians LOVE the Rains

Well actually any wedding – summer, monsoon, winter – we’re not really particular. We Indians love weddings whether we’re soaking, melting, or freezing. It follows that we’ll sing, dance, and celebrate in the rain. The rains after all, are very close to our hearts.


By – Reena Daruwalla

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