In the recently released report of most searched for people and terms in India, Sunny Leone pipped Narendra Modi at the post to emerge “most googled”

Indians Search For Sunny Leone More Than Narendra Modisunny leone narendra modi opt Indians Search For Sunny Leone More Than Narendra Modi

  1. Sunny Leone may not be more popular than Narendra Modi, but more people want to see her, know about and see what she is doing than the PM of the country. More people in India are Googling for her than the harbinger of “achche din”.
  2. This was election year. It was a year when a man saw unprecedented popularity with the general populace and saw himself catapulted to the top job of the country. For people who revere Narendra Modi, it has certainly been a case of Achche Ding Aa Gaye.
  3. Elections 2014 topped Google India’s trending lists this year. During this year, Narendra Modi was obviously one of the most ‘Googled’ search terms; one of the most searched, but not the most searched.
  4. The most searched person online in India in 2014 is Sunny Leone, followed by Narendra Modi, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. Sunny Lenoe’s movie Ragini MMS 2 was the most searched movie this year, followed by Kick, Jai Ho, Happy New Year and Bang Bang.
  5. In the most searched terms, IRCTC (the railway booking service) was at no1, etailers such as Flipkart and Snapdeal were at 2 and 4 respectively, SBI Online was at no 3 and PNR Status was the 5th most searched term in 2014. (source – India Today)

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