IndiaOpines – First Twitter Contest – A thousand Rupees Every Twenty Minutes (Only For Residents of India) – payable by NEFT

A thousand Rupees Every Twenty Minutes (Only For Residents of India) – payable by NEFT

Folks – We want everyone to write and participate in the IndiaOpines Blog Contest.

India’s Biggest Blogging Contest

A lot of times, we feel people get stuck at “What To Write About

So this twitter contest is about the Title

Suggest a TITLE for a Blog Post

Suggest a suitable, interesting, out of the box title for a Blog post (It can be on anything, related to Economics, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Anything) and tweet it to us and three of your friends with the hashtag #IndiaOpinesContest

If you wish you can also include the shorter URL to the blogging contest i.e.

We are giving out a thousand rupees every twenty minutes from 6pm to 9pm TODAY

Sample Entries

Whats Up With Varun Gandhi – The Other Dynast @indiaopines @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 #IndiaOpinesContest

or say

Colors TV – Relying on Soft Porn To Sell Its Shows ? @indiaopines @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 #IndiaOpinesContest

Bottom Line – Suggest some good titles

Results – Some of the titles suggested were :

Virat Kohli- The new Tendulkar or the first Viraat? (Viraat was our beleaguered Aircraft Carrier)

Section 377- Supreme Court Verdict or slap on the face of world’s largest democracy?

IPL- Is it really a cricket tournament or public ”ullu banaoing”?

Is the Russia-Ukraine standoff along with U.S interference planting the seeds of WorldWar 3?

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent purchases- Wise Investment or Foolish Waste?

Ghots of Riots Past (Both Congress and BJP have lots to answer for)

Congress-BJP bhai-bhai, desh ka future bye-bye

Mamata-Anna rift: Perfect example of a relationship gone horribly wrong!

Honor Among Thieves: The Great Indian Political Drama

RahulGandhi- PM Candidate or mama’s boy?

Modi’s PM plan- Reform or Restraint? (There can be a lot to say here)

Missing MalaysianAirlines MH370- Murder Or Mystery?

AAP- A party of the common man,for the common man, by the common man

Tough to Chose Between Copters n Votes

Gang of four and Modi’s Dengism’

Sonia’s memoir “My Poor Little Rich Boy

Bhaag bongress Bhaag

Why is the Delhi Assembly Hung and Not Dissolved

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