Give us your opinions. You will be eligible to win one of two iPad Mini’s as per the terms of the contest

For all you bloggers, independent writers, activists, thinkers (incl. TV / Bollywood addicts) – send in your opinions

Please opine/comment on the current political issues, movements, political figures, or geo-political topics that directly or indirectly influence or shape India’s future. We are looking for interesting perspectives, research, well-thought out opinions, and discussions on issues. Winning entries will be published and read by thousands and re-posted on many influential social media sites. And yes three entries will receive an iPad mini (a minimum of one is reserved for Entertainment – non serious topics) – Or you can donate to your favourite charity.

You have the power to shape opinion and our future – get to it! 

Bloggers are independent media (certainly more so than the mainstream media).  This is true freedom of speech with opinions in the hands of the “common-man” who may not have any official tag or have the entire “news” infrastructure. But as the Delhi elections have shown the “common-man” can sway elections and win – so can bloggers and independent writers. Someone recently asked me a question – so how many bloggers are there in India – the answer is a tough one – but I can say this – anyone who can send an email can write an opinion (therefore making him a blogger) – so there are millions. My note to all the bloggers and independent writers – you have the power to sway opinions, you have the power to win elections  – please use it wisely.

We welcome opinions – any opinion – can be pro-against any political party/issue. Most in India believe in Freedom of Speech (unlike our Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde) – who intends to censor bloggers (let’s all give him a ‘shout out’ as they say) – all I can say to Mr Shinde is good luck – every day there are millions of blog posts – how many will you censor ? – what government budget will you spend in this censorship – and to what end ?

Recognition For Your Writing

You can send in your opinions via email to or use this blogging festival submissions pagea minimum of 200 words. If we deem your post to be of a certain quality (irrespective of the bias/issue discussed) – we will publish it in India Opines. The “top” two published posts will be eligible to win iPad Minis (you can instead choose to donate the amounts to charity, or to your favourite political party).

The “top” posts will be determined as per our discretion, but will be based on the the quality, depth, and originality of thought, possibly on the original research you may have put in. We would welcome original videos , photographs (do your own sting !) or pretty much anything – any issue. To ensure we can contact you – please do use an accurate email and your mobile number when sending us your post.

The iPad Minis are just a token for your efforts – just a small little something possibly for your favourite charity. You can even chose to give it to your favourite political party (the charitable donation / political donation ) will be made on your behalf.

We want your original thoughts. These should be not be published elsewhere. If published at India Opines, you can place a link to your article. Please be original and dont plagiarize content.

As mentioned they can be pro-against any political party and can be on any issue really. The country is in the midst of change – do something about it – be heard.

Or perhaps your want to address a somewhat lighter topic – Do you have opinions on a TV Serial (the entire serial or any specific episode) or a Movie perhaps – That’s fine as well – All opinions are welcome !


If you currently reside abroad, you are still eligible to participate ; however, the giveaway / charitable donation can only happen to an organization in India / your contact in India

Two posts / opinions published on IndiaOpines (sent via email to  will be eligible for winning an iPad Mini each.

The feedback comments / posts / opinions must be a minimum of three hundred characters.

You must tweet to five friends of yours stating that you have submitted an article to IndiaOpines. Please use @indiaopines – so that we your entry can be seen by us  

The winners will be the discretion of IndiaOpines.

This blogging offer is open from the 2nd of April to the 12th of April.

Winners will be announced within a week of closing via our daily updates newsletter

The posts should be original content, not published elsewhere either before or after submission. Violating the originality requirement will also invalidate participation in future offers, if any.

Winners will be identified using a combination of their email , mobile numbers and Facebook/Twitter profiles.

Please do subscribe to our IndiaOpines mailing list (below) – to ensure you are notified of updates, other entries in this festival, and the winner notification !

You can add a link in your blog / Facebook page / etc to your published article at IndiaOpines. IndiaOpines will also acknowledge your blog if you let us know the URL. But you cannot re-publish the article in your blog.

iPad Mini Indias Biggest Blogging Festival


This contest is administered by and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook or Twitter. All entries automatically release Facebook or Twitter of any/all liabilities.   

The post below (The 49 Days Reign of AAP in Delhi) is an example entry – to seed the contest – of course, all directly affiliated with IndiaOpines are ineligible.

The 49 Day Reign of AAP in Delhi