In India, Happy Women’s Day, will only be happy the day India’s daughter and women feel safe in this country.

I am a girl from this country. From the time I was little I have been very proud to be an Indian until recently, I saw this documentary “India’s daughter” that was made on Nirbhaya (Jyoti Singh) rape case.

indias daughter bbc documentary banned Indias Daughter

Saying it as a “rape case” makes it sound too petty. But, any rape is a heinous crime. I saw educated lawyers having a very degrading opinion. Saying a woman shouldn’t go out after certain time in the evening, she shouldn’t wear jeans, t shirts, skirts. Women shouldn’t work. Women shouldn’t breathe is ridiculous. The lawyer says “this is no place for a woman”. what does that mean?

A man says “If his daughter, sister, mother anyone would go out after 6.3-pm, wearing western clothes, he would take her to the farmhouse and burn her alive.” A woman’s place is in the kitchen, A woman can go out with her father, brother, grandfather, husband but not with her friend

Why are people hell bent on justifying rape? What about women who get raped in front of their fathers, brothers, husbands? What about the women who get raped in their houses? What about little 5-7 year olds getting raped?

nirbhaya rapist mukesh singh bbc documentary Indias Daughter

There are people saying “She is a girl and she asked for it” Like really? They say “A girl should be locked in the house”, Why cant you lock your “libido gone crazy” men inside your house?

A under 18 person committing a crime as grave as a rape, should not be tried as a juvenile. His act was not juvenile, it wasn’t an innocent little prank. It was rape. It was a human, a person, her body.

When a woman is raped, not just her body is violated but her self esteem, her life, her mental strength is questioned. She is raped physically once. Mentally at the police station, at the court, by her neighborhood. No one sees her at the victim, they see her as “dirty”. Men see her as an object. Women see her as a slut.

india daughter women nirbhaya Indias Daughter
Without any of her fault she goes through a punishment. In India, Happy Women’s Day, will only be happy the day women feel safe in this country.

By: DeeDee

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