Is India’s modernity project working? or is it tacitly and abruptly failed the Indian mass.

Is India’s modernity project working? or is it tacitly and abruptly failed the Indian mass. On the midnight of 15 August, 1947,India embarked on a noble mission to gave concrete shape to the bare facts of an Idea- Idea of India. The colonial leadership’s collosal experiment with nation-making wrought havoc on public life of India. The father’s of the nation’s tireless effort earn them a reward- reward of Independent India. But the arrival of Independence brings with it an escalating cycle of voilence, murder and rape that remain unabated ever since. India’s masquerading attemp to install an India modelled on the colonial (read British) model exaggerated the Idea of India. “Idea of India, wrote Rabindranath Tagore 80 years ago, is against the intense consciousness of the seperateness of one’s own people from others, which inevitably leads to ceaseless conflicts”.

India’s modernity project ruined the public life and intimately bring in place a social system of exclusionary, contradictory and conflictual communities. The media’s inventory ‘shining India‘ has a grim darkness behind its shine. India is today the only place with largest concentration of poor, illiterate, malnutrished and unskilled people. Indian public life today presents a chilly picture of despair, discrimination and fear-rotten lives. The post-1991 economic miracles consciously divided the Indian society into two antagonistic classes directly facing each other. A poor, hungry and dirty India, on one side, and a macdonaldised, tech savvy and page3 India on the other. The rising middle class give meaning to their existence through hollow and voilent nationalism. India’s garb of modernity has exacerbated the plural, inclusive and democratic notion of nation-state.

The Indian nation is today consumed, as historian Ramachandra Guha put it, by the state. The modernisation of pulic life generated a cocophany of urban criminality, gender voilence and uneven and destructive expliotation of resources. India today has millions of impoverished, destitute and Jopad Patti people who get their meals from the savage and waste of Shining Indians. India’s love affair with modernity rudimented the public life of its millions and it is appropriate to state that Indian modernity project has failed abruptly and concomitantly in developing an India where prosperity is calculated by humaness and not commodification, and where public life is a holistic phenomenon of true relations and not of atomism of Individual.

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