Draupadi had five husband, whilst Indrani, four. But Draupadi the ‘mother of love’, while Indrani, ‘the mother of cruelty’

Draupadi, one of the protagonists of Indian epic, Mahabharata, was the common wife to ‘Pandavas’ (a group of five brothers). But, there is a sound reason, that culminated her in being a wife of ‘five’. It all happened when, in order to express their zeal, they mistakenly narrate to their mother that ‘they have brought a new thing in their home’, to which, their mother, Kunti, reciprocates back with ‘dole it out between five’. Thereon, Draupadi who belonged only to Arjuna becomes a belonging to all the five.

draupadi five husbans Was Indrani Mukerjea Trying Being ‘Draupadi’?

Indrani Mukerjea, wife of a media bigwig, Peter Mukerjea, too has a story akin to that of Draupadi, but much deplorable, deliberate and covetous, unlike the by-chance version of Draupadi. For Draupadi was an epitome of love to her children, while Indrani, the murderer.

indrani facebook Was Indrani Mukerjea Trying Being ‘Draupadi’?

“Where to start from” is the cluster of words that I inquire to my mind, before narrating the conspiracy-laden life of Indrani to you. After wading through this and that, I, to my best, would like to introduce ‘Indrani’ as the ‘mirage’ of Draupadi, who is nowhere closer to the reflection of Draupadi, but apparently appears to be, just because of their life’s common husband-theory.

To unravel the confusion-woven knots of Indrani’s life in just one go, she is the wife of four (not <4, for sure, >4, may be, yes). Indrani, aka Pari was born to Durga Rani and Upendra Bora in Guwahati. Her escape with an illicit boyfriend of her effectuated her parents to transfer her to Lady Keane College, away from home. Under this absence of parents’ guidance, she headed towards a wanton lifestyle. Her first two off-springs were Sheena and Mikhail, but both of theirs’ father still remains a mystery to be solved. As what other lips say, both these children result from the fusion of Indrani and her first husband Siddharth (Agartala based tea-estate owner), whilst some lips claim them to be the progenies of Indrani and Chirag (Shillong based man to have pursued a teaching profession), but before-marriage, nay, illegal progenies. She left both her kids under the supervision of her parents and moved ahead with Sanjeev Khanna to reproduce ‘Vidhie’ and again divorce, winning Vidhie’s custody and conjugated with Peter Mukerjea. Peter, I hope being the last unluckiet man, put a finishing line on her husband list.

indrani Was Indrani Mukerjea Trying Being ‘Draupadi’?

Coming to her off-springs Sheena and Mikhail, who were left in lurch by her so that she lives a merry-filled life, contacted her when their ears were hammered with their mother’s fourth wedding with Peter. She unwantedly met them and agreed to take them back along with her only and only if they present themselves as Indrani’s siblings. To back with proofs, Indrani had their birth certificate ready with Durga and upendra as the parents. So as per the ploy, both Sheena and Mikhail were introduced as her siblings to peter. But the manipulative plot could not have worked in the long run and Peter’s first-wife’s son Rahul came as a roadblock to the plot.

To know about the failed plot, wait for the next article on “ Sheena Bora- The Unluckiest Daughter To Have Mother As Murderer”

By Prerna Daga

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