In a society with growing rates of divorce, infidelity in marriages and relationships have become a very real hazard. Read on for steps to save yourself from falling into any kind of temptation for the sake of your relationship.

While India  boasts of the highest number of arranged marriages, it drastically shies away from the growing percentage of cheating men. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, nearly 75% of Indian men end up cheating on their respective partners. Read on to know what causes them to cross the laxman rekha and how you can easily escape situations which can lead you into crossing the line of fundamentals.

When two individuals who are made for each other take a holy vow “till death do us apart”, a fraction of the pledge entails being faithful and loyal in every way. In our society where the rate of divorce and marital disruption is sky high, betrayal becomes a matter of concern to all those who are currently married and those who are planning to be.

In an ideal world, when someone finds his or her better half, they get married and the couple truly represents as one “whole” being. The notion of another individual flouting the “two halves that make a whole” is not even a question. Well, this world is not a perfect place, and often what either of the individual begin thinking as fun may actually be the pillar of breaking the fundamentals. Infidelity is pathetic and it can leave its scar for eternity. If you want to be loyal and faithful to your partner, make sure you do not trap yourself in these situations which can lead you into unintentional cheating.

infidelity Infidelity and Cheating: Fun or Fundamentals?

Regular communication with an online friend

Customary emails, chats or IMs with a member of the opposite sex can build a strong emotional bond. This bond can actually be a stepping stone to infidelity.

Alcohol or drugs

Many individuals have surrendered to infidelity under the sway of alcohol or drugs which messed up their decision making ability, making them commit things which they would otherwise not do.

Innocent flirting

This happens all the time in friend circles and among colleagues. It can although go out of your control especially if you consider the opposite person attractive. In addition, if you keep on hanging with your colleague of the opposite sex all alone after working hours it can bring you closer to him or her. You should also avoid tea or coffee breaks in isolation with this person. Always remember fun is short lived but fundamentals are forever.


Many of the people who are not satisfied with their partners often find solace in the opposite sex. However, this is the worst mistake one can ever make. Never discuss your relationship problems with them. It can bring you two closer and disrupt your marriage completely which otherwise has potential to flourish.

Talking about suggestive topics

Take immense care in not arousing the person’s sexual interest in you and don’t allow your thoughts to precede into action.

Stay away from all the people who are into cheating

This will keep your mind positive and away from this act. Many of the people got into cheating and betrayed their partners by thinking the whole idea as “fun-filled” and “interesting” but in the end it will only make you empty and hollow from inside. Infidelity is a harmful wound which can leave its mark forever.

It is for you to decide whether you want to stick to the short-lived fun or the ever lasting fundamentals.

By Deepti Verma

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