To foster an environment of creative thinking we need to look beyond traditional Indian educational system & start concentrating towards a holistic system

The age-old ‘chalk-and-talk’ system, where the educator talks dictatorially and the pupil listens submissively has over the years restricted the learning experience in school classrooms. The mainstream pedagogy has not only discouraged students from questioning and counter-questioning but has also constrained them from the invention, innovation, and creation.

Innovation in Education 11 Reasons Why We Indians Need Innovations in the Education System

So, to foster an environment of creative thinking it is necessary to look beyond the traditional Indian educational system and start concentrating more towards a holistic system. Here we share as to why –

To Shift from Passive Factory-Based Model to Hands-on Experiential Learning

Currently, in India, education is nothing less than a race on steroids. The passive rote education system has given rise to years of uncreative education where the students not only lack self-belief and confidence but are also devoid of energy and desire to invent, innovate and create. Now that the passive factory-based model of the education system is boring and monotonous, students often find schools and colleges uninteresting.

This is the reason why there is a need to instill new and innovative methods to trigger shifts in the students’ behavior and thinking. No wonder, hand-on experimental learning comes handy as the concept not only grabs the student’s attention but also helps him/her to understand and comprehend even difficult theories.

experimental learning Reasons Why We Indians Need Innovations in the Education System

To Shift from Being Textbook-Bound to Being Passionate Creators & Inventors

It is unfortunate that despite the birth of new ventures at this stage of ‘Startup India’, our nation has not seen as many original, unique or innovative ideas as we should have witnessed. Maybe because being text-book oriented even today we look more into dependable and predictable business ways. Perhaps, this is the reason why many young entrepreneurs rather decide to duplicate ideas from outsiders than working on the new and unique idea with uncertain returns.

After all, one requires faith and trust in one’s capability to create, innovate and invent something of greater value which our textbook-bound education system lacks drastically. This is the reason why in our ever-changing world, educational teaching upgrades have become important even for professionals.

Much to my surprise while reading an article on Forbes, I realized that there are ed-tech companies in India that are catering to the need for practical yet convenient education formats. A Gurugram based company, Talentedge is empowering academic institutes as well as corporates to digitally provide aspirants an intuitive learning with real-life classrooms experiences by using Indigenous Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning-based platform SLIQ2.0 so that they can offer customized co-created curricula to enhance capabilities and provide avenues to professionals. A learner-centric education system, after all, has the potential to create active inventors and innovators.

Aditya Malik, CEO, Talentedge during his interview with Forbes confirmed something worth noticing,

“The value attained from such virtual classrooms has repeatedly been beyond the physical classrooms, which are constrained by human parameters. We have found that the analytical capabilities and real-time decision making of this symphony of all the senses of human and machine interactions effectively supersede the scope of physical classrooms.”

virtual classroom Reasons Why We Indians Need Innovations in the Education System

To Engage Students to Ask ‘Why’ than Simply Nodding ‘Yes’

Believe it or not, the reality of India’s education system is highly apologetic as students find the school, college, and university uninteresting. One often hears miserable statements while interacting with students as boredom, fear of failure and lack of interests are some of the unfortunate outcomes of our factory model of education. This makes it apparent that there is an immediate need to innovate as well as renovate our learning system in a way that encourages students to be curious enough to ask “why” and “why not’s” rather than act as a passive participant; To build an intuitive and reformed education system where a student is recognized not for the answers he writes in an examination but for the valuable questions he asks otherwise.

If you consider the rich history and culture of India and the world, you’ll notice that strong observation of the surroundings gave birth to many breakthroughs in medicine, science, business as well as in the social atmosphere. Now that our traditional education system teaches only to learn, it is high time they are altered in a way that students are not only encouraged to observe keenly but look beyond the obvious.

Now is the time to inculcate both creativity and curiosity in students as well as professionals to become independent intellectuals through our education system. Our learning process should rather shift from creating fear to nurturing confidence to bring about a new educational consciousness. Nevertheless, the future of the nation rests on the young lots and it determines majorly on how they are taught to think and perform.

By: Deepti Verma

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