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Several posts, some interesting and some about Government jobs, were submitted on our community. Here the few interesting and top trending posts on our community.

10 Innovative Technologies going to be a part of Near Future 

Any idea on how the future would be like? What gadgets you will be using in the near future? Read this post to know about the amazing technologies of the near future. From Sunscreen pills to Wireless Electricity, there are several revolutionary ideas which might become reality in the years to come. Read the post to know more about the future of technology.


An article on Gandhi, where the Author describes why she has started reading about the Mahatma. Ever though why so many of us label Gandhi as Anti Indian and question his morality? The answer might be in the term ‘do-gooder’ derogation. Read on to know further about it.

Why feminism is not bad! 

This article on feminism sets the meaning of term ‘feminism’ right. Feminism is not about being anti man but pro-equality.All that Feminism demands is the ‘right to freedom, work, speech, mode of living.Per se it is against any system, rules or individuals ( male or female) which believes that controlling and suppressing females is necessary and that must be done because females are inferior.’ Men as well as Women should read this post to have a better understanding on what Feminism is all about.

Dj Prashant spills the beans

An interview of DJ Prashant , who stands out in the overcrowded Music and Dance industry of Disco due to his music skills, choreography and his charming personality. As a guy who quit his job in Intel to come to India in order to take part in Indian Idol, DJ Prashant’s passion for Bollywood music and dance has helped him in creating a niche for himself in the US.

Read more to know about the Desi DJ in the States.

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