How we look at fitness and funny quotes for those who hate working out

In these days of Jet lag and Junk food; “Tablets” and Medication; PPT’s and Parties; Hangouts and Hangovers; Emails and Females, it’s only work and more work almost 24X7.

You often hear these phrases at your work place, “If only I had the time, I’d go the gym for a workout”! Or “If it were not for the killing traffic, I’d cycle up to work to keep fit”. “Gosh, work is killing me”!

For all those of you who haven’t had the time to hit the gym or join the aerobics class. Don’t fret; here is some fun stuff to ease your guilt.

Fitness Installing Muscles...please wait!

Whoever said this, got it right!

Fitness Fun Quote Installing Muscles...please wait!

They forgot to add, stepping on people’s toes…

Installing 6 pack Installing Muscles...please wait!

Now we know how Chris Gayle got his Six pack

Fitness is like marriage Installing Muscles...please wait!

Wise sayings….

Funny Fitness Quote Installing Muscles...please wait!


And then…post retirement…

By Sharath Ahuja

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