Definitely Intellectuals can be a Neta and a true Neta – one such neta is Arvind Kejriwal!

Just recently I was congratulating one my favourite journalist friend who was sharing her article with me! I praised her for a good article but having said that I also told her in no unequivocal terms that there was a certain unintelligent strand of opinion brought in and thrust upon, as faculties of common sensical logic apparently was not being used, only great words and names were used instead as if you are going into some deep thinking process, making your article look intellectual with Marx / Lenin … and good many names thrown in to make it look such !

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Perhaps Yogendra Yadav knows that using the expression “Stalinist purge” would be sufficient for the aam aadmi intellect to absorb so he didn’t get into more names ! I told her you have freely got into a very good display of great names, a style which sprays intellectual fragrance but again devoid of common sense …. excuse me saying ‘devoid’ of the usual sense unadulterated with unnecessary colour of ones educated mind ! I went on to tell her, essayist William Hazlitt had pointed out “On the Ignorance of the Learned” likewise; you are only exhibiting your learned self – missing out the essence, crux or representing it completely out of place – to say the least. I said, I love Hazlitt who said it so well …

A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles …. I am sorry Arvind Kejriwal is not just that stuff and to say – Delhi elections was some kind of a presidential-style election, built on a personality cult – would be a gross injustice done to the persona of our new CM of Delhi. I repeat – a gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles – this best describes a personality cult best suited by a campaign maybe of a Priyanka Gandhi, but not a Kejriwal no certainly not.

Do you think Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is in any way less intellectual than these two impractical and useless non-politicians called Yogendra and Prashant two put together!

Sorry I know I can also succumb to Yadavs’ fine analytical mind but not after what they did just recently – both these bright minds the other one being the utterly and only judgmental dissector fell a victim of their own very poor intellectual prowess and political experience or lack of perceiving capacity of the real issue at hand and the acumen needed to analyze it; in fact they miserably failed in it ! The sheer Kejri Phenomena defies definition against a background of dogged determination trying to come out of a situation which can only be compared to that of having fallen into a deep well.

A pathetic situation of having to digest humiliation by the minute in deafening loud mouthing of a word “bhagoda” of someone trying to find his way out of corruption for India, being looted ever since Moghuls / British / Congress rules / BJP runs, everyone’s looted ! That person who is as brave as you could only read in stories … I have my class mate murdered by Congress goons Safdar Hashmi … it does not take much time as I know in present times for a D K Ravi to become past tense !

In hindsight, how can you even compare Manmohan Singh’s intellect, I don’t have a better bitter word to describe my feeling as I can through a Bengali / Hindi word ” Dhikkaar ” with such erudition / education which makes a mute spectator a yes man plunderer with a 20 years’ political career or more !

Here is a CM … one of the finest brains in the World I’d say … when economists after economists like Manmohan Singh / Amarthya Sen (my daughter took classes from both in Venkateshwara College & LSE ) have failed India, no one had the courage to write / speak out ruthlessly / brutally honestly, which a phenomena like Arvind could project – that its “Corruption” at the root of it all …

But maybe who knows you’ll not be chosen a PM by one certain Sonia of the great Congress … or maybe you may not get nominated for a Nobel Prize who knows, so stay safe – this conflict of interest angle cannot just ever be seen by anybody and everybody including famed journalists and they need to turn a blind eye – can’t you read and see the intellectual works of a certain Arvind Kejriwal in his book “Swaraaj” which whizzed past 10k selling mark confirmed by publisher of the book !

What could be more gross injustice as she said – ‘perhaps Yadav ‘n Bhushan’s mistake was to believe their formidable cerebral attainments would give them a natural pre-dominance in a system which shuns thinkers’ – does that mean Arvind has no relationship with deep profound thinking??

I dare say Indian’s will be lucky if they can let Arvind Kejriwal consolidate his electoral gains derived from a hard – very very hard battle – he has a vision far truthful and far reaching in its effect than a Nehru / Indira / Congress / Modi BJP put together. The results of whose rules have failed to alleviate the miseries of the downtrodden of India for decades after decades – an India which has become shameless – Rapes, Murders, Political Dishonesty, Corruption, Apathy, Injustice nothing matters and here is a guy 5 feet something, infinite size chest harbouring a heart forcing protest to sleep in 4 degrees in deep winter for a certain hitherto unknown Jyoti Singh, now an international story India’s Daughter ! It’s a sham ‘n shame Indians like us all have a sick amnesiac mind which forgets greats and deeds of the greats. Good educated people perhaps unknowingly doing untrue journalism and disservice to the nation for self gains – again I say conflict of interest …. !

No its not just about gravitating towards mass connects and whether one likes it or not – the winner has to take it all – like as in Jo Jeeeta Wohi Sikander – I dare say all that would be very very shallow to say and hollow in assessment, of a great individual who has a name that defies the definition of a phenomena – a some one named Arvind Kejriwal who won first recognition outside his country with a Magasaysay award – all due to his intellectual prowess, then his sheer “Courage” which you and I do not possess to take on the astronomically moneyed and the mighty challenging the Ambani’s / Gadkari’s / Khursheed’s / Sibal / name it and he’ll tell you the depth’s of Swiss accounts which even a Modi rant-ed about, to reach the Big chair but proving completely ineffective till date, in fact what will the poor guy do he may be having some ideals but the huge criminal followers in Parliament and his men wants the moolah and he has no control, so he is on international trips.

Come on I told my friend I expect some truth from you, and made clear that it was enough of her reflective, bookish, from the box writings, we expect a much better and a really great in depth thought from her; we want something new, passionate – I told her maybe give us some Arnab-ee stuff in print …. not that he is fully truthful either, he is generally great except when it comes to Kejriwal … all of our journo friends talk of lesser mortals like a Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan who have proved to be anti-national as I feel anyone who opposes Arvind is anti-national and they are not all that intellectual either … they are as lazy as a Manmohan or those politicians who don’t win an election, or as avaricious as any other political player wanting every thing without blood sweat toil and tears … one thing is certain I drove home my point, all journalists definitely gravitate to one side when it comes to the true singing the “Gunn gaan ” of Sri Sri Arvind Kejriwal – Definitely Intellectuals can be a Neta and a true Neta ….

Netaji Bose never got a chance in fact he was robbed of his term as Nehru of the era was never inclined nor interested in any truth to prevail, maybe by a miracle. If Kejriwal gets some terms and he delivers then at last truth shall prevail and Indians will be happy with “Satyameva Jayate” at long last – come let us cross our fingers for Arvind ! Jai Hind !

By: Indraneel

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