No one tends to forget bringing into light women’s day, but International Men’s Day sublimes like an ordinary day without being made extraordinary.

 Our tech savvy Prime Minister Narendra Modi is an early riser and one of his tweets yesterday was about the birth anniversary of late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi which falls on November 19.

Even as the surprise of Modi remembering someone from the Nehru family, yes remembering is different from cursing, was to sink in, I  noticed another Twitter comment from Richa Anirudh, she is a celebrity in her own right, telling the Prime Minister “’Modi Ji, it is also the birth anniversary of Rani Lakshmi Bai.”

After some time of course everyone had picked up their cues and both the names had become trends on Twitter.

But did anyone find any mention of November 19 being the International Men’s Day? Not me at least, who is quite active on Twitter usually.

international mens day Mans World, Think Again

And we never tire of hearing that it’s a man’s world and some of us have even started believing and acting as if they own the universe. This is not a new myth  because I have been hearing this since I was born and that was six decades ago.

 It is a another matter that such men are categorized as macho or the more common abuse  male chauvinist pigs.

 This is grossly unfair if not downright sexist but I am wondering why no one has protested against this labeling.

Just imagine the gross discrimination we are living with and bearing it grinning – if a woman celebrates her achievement if is called woman’s empowerment, earlier also known as Women’s lib. Has anyone called the 50 per cent better half of the population as women chauvinists when they celebrate the International Women’s Day on March 8? Why not? Why this travesty of justice? May I ask? In fact, all men should be asking.

male symbol Mans World, Think Again

What does this mean seriously? Is manhood not something to be celebrated? Are they born to just slog for everyone in the family and at the end of the day being called  male chauvinists if they try to break some rules to mark their difference from the other human species?

Why is it a sin for men to even think of celebrating the International Men’s Day, or taking a day off from their routine chores, to enjoy getting out of the monotony of daily existence?

People even know that it was the birthday of Sushmita Sen but are men not even worth remembering for 24 hours in an year? Shame shame!

By Amitabh Srivastava

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